Mayo Clinic Diet Information For Diet Plans

By | May 14, 2009

Mayo Clinic Vegetarian Diet Plan

The Mayo Clinic Diet is actually a lifestyle plan that can help people maintain a healthy weight. Other crash diets generally encourage people to put a stop on certain foods and almost starve themselves or gorge on certain nutrients in an endeavor to lose weight. Several people who diet say that diets are like riding on a roller coaster that never seems to stop. Some believe that through the Mayo Clinic Diet, you can achieve your weight loss ambitions and maintain that weight. The weight management plan follows these points.

Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

The healthy weight pyramid: Through the weight pyramid you can eat well and still remain trim and fit. There aren’t any major restrictions on what you need and neither will you have to suffer from hunger pangs. At the base, there are several nutritious foods that contain fewer calories. The rest of the food pyramid is made up of other healthy choices like low-fat dairy, fish, legumes, and whole grain carbohydrates. It also contains unsaturated fats that are healthy for the heart. If you are physically active, eat as per the serving sizes and take the recommended number of servings, then you can lose weight at the right pace.

An increase in physical activity: According to the Mayo Clinic diet, you must increase your physical activity or enroll in an exercise program. The theory behind this is that when you are physically more active, your body expends more calories. And when you burn more calories than the food you eat, you lose weight. While you must increase your level of activity (take the stairs, clean the house, walk to the supermarket, cycle to work), you must also exercise regularly.

Action goals: Setting goals can help you remain healthy and achieve your health goals. When you set your goals, focus on the activities instead of the pounds you want to lose. So for instance, focus on the number of miles you want to walk everyday, the intake of fruits instead of high-fat foods. Try keeping a journal to record the food you eat and the activity that you do. Keep your goals realistic and measurable.

Stay motivated: You need to be motivated to keep aiming for your goal. To stay motivated you can focus on the positive aspects of losing weight – the health and fitness aspects, the way you look and feel, the increased energy levels. You also need to prioritize and seek out the support of friends and family. And do not succumb to fast weight loss solutions like pills or crash diets.