Garnishing Tips | Garnished Spring Onion Whisks | Health Benefits

By | June 22, 2010

Garnishing Tips – Garnished Spring Onion Whisks

2-3 spring onions


  • Firstly, wash the spring onions and then trim the green tips.
  • Chop off the white bulbs of the onions at the part where they begin to turn green. Set aside the white bulbs for cooking.
  • Next, take a pair of kitchen scissors and snip through the green part of the onion in a downwards direction. Stop at the halfway point.
  • Continue to cut down the onion, making fine strips. Do this with the other spring onion as well.
  • Then take a medium bowl and fill with cold water.
  • Place the spring onion into the cold water for a couple of seconds until the green strips begin to curl.
  • Remember to keep lifting the spring onion out to prevent the strips from forming tight curls. Also do not used ice water as this will make the spring onions curl very tightly.
  • Use the spring onions as garnish in barbeque dishes or fresh salads.

Spring Onions Health Benefits

  • Spring onions or green onions are young bulbs that are harvested before they mature fully. These onions provide the same benefits as mature onions. The substances that give green onions their characteristic strong odor provide the main health benefits.
  • Consuming onions on a regular basis is known to reduce blood sugar levels, lower the risk of certain types of cancers such as that of the colon, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent inflammation.
  • Onions are also good sources of chromium which is a mineral that the body uses to control glucose levels. It is also involved in metabolism and in storing macronutrients.
  • Spring onions are also high in vitamin C content which strengthens immunity and protects the body from cardiovascular conditions, eye and skin problems.
  • Many other important nutrients are also present in spring onions such as vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese and fiber.