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By | January 8, 2010

Natural Home Remedies For Acne Cures And Cystic Acne Treatment

Acne is condition that nearly every person has or will experience as they cross puberty. This condition causes the facial skin to flare up into the classical signs of puberty – pimples and blackheads. The condition is caused due to the sudden increase in hormones at that specific age and the hormone levels usually stabilize after some years heralding adulthood.

Pimples are a pustular formation that results when a bacterial infection takes advantage of the changes to the facial skin during this time. Blackheads are completely different and are not an infection at all; rather, they are a small mishap that occurs in the skin protein on the surface. These will usually resolve by themselves and don’t really need intervention but can be treated topically if required.

The major sex hormones are produced by the body only once the individual has reached puberty. These hormones initiate sexual maturity in both sexes. One of the side effects of the sudden and excessive amounts of these hormones is hyperactive sebaceous glands. These secrete the skin oil, sebum, in vast quantities –more than what is required by the skin. The sebaceous glands can sometimes end up getting clogged with dead skin cells and bacteria. When bacteria are trapped within a plug of sebum, they proliferate and a full blown infection begins.

The body’s immune system then takes over and a pimple starts to form under the skin but is only visible as a small red, raised lesion. It gets bigger until the classical pimple arrives at the surface. If it is not squeezed or broken, the pimple will go away as the infection is destroyed by the body. Sometimes, a great level of infection can cause entire portions of tissue to be destroyed by the action of bacteria and white blood cells. This is what causes the familiar ice-pick scars or acne.

Treating Acne With Caution

There is nothing specific that you need to do with acne, apart from washing your face daily with salicylic acid and antiseptic soap. The salicylic acid will ensure that there is no debris that consists of skin protein on the skin to block the glands and the antiseptic soap will ensure that there are no bacteria on the face to start and infection and cause a break out. Salicylic acid is also effective against black heads. These are a plug of keratin and modified sebum that dried just as it exited to the skin surface. These are not harmful though they should be removed as they mar the beauty of your skin.