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By | May 20, 2010

Mosquito Bites Treatment

Mosquito bites are bothersome as they appear red and swollen and the itching and the irritation can last for a few days and sometimes up to a week. Different people react differently to mosquito bites and the swelling may even be delayed for some. The foremost mosquitoe bites treatment would be to avoid scratching the area, as this will only provide you with temporary mosquito bite relief. Apart from this, scratching the mosquito bite could also increase the redness and lead to scarring. One of the best mosquito bite home remedy would be to use an antiseptic such as iodine, rubbing alcohol or peroxide on the affected skin area. Simply using soap and water to cleanse the area can reduce the irritation a little as well. Mix a little baking soda and pure water and make a paste. Apply onto the affected area and wash off when it dries completely. The itching is likely to abate for a few hours, after which you may repeat the process. Some experts suggest applying a little tooth paste instead of baking soda to the affected area for the same effect, but this will require a doctor’s advice before you try it out yourself. A dry bar of soap can be rubbed directly onto the bitten area to provide instant relief. Take a banana peel and rub the inside part of it over the bite. You can even store a peel or two in the refrigerator for this purpose. Crushed leaves of basil and lime juice applied to the area are also known to help. You can cut a lemon into half and rub gently over the affected area with the soft inside part. Thus you do not have to scratch with your finger nails and run the risk of infecting the site. The most easily available instant remedy is a cube of ice which you can rub gently over the affected area to reduce the itching and swelling. Although dry soap and baking soda are better remedies, you may use the ice till you start with the others. You may apply aloe vera to the area as well and while it will not reduce the itch, it will act on the swelling and prevent possible infections as well.

Mosquito bites can on occasion cause serious diseases such as malaria or dengue, hence you must try to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes by treating stagnant water with chlorine or a few drops of kerosene added to it. Make sure that your diet contains plenty of water, green leafy vegetables and fruits, whole grains and cereal so that your body stays healthy and your immune system is able to repel diseases as much as possible.