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By | June 14, 2010

Home Remedies for Menopause

Menopause is a natural part in the biological cycle of all women. It signifies the time when their childbearing years end. This process may start as early as when a woman is in her thirties, and can continue into her sixties. Menopause is not an illness or a medical condition, but part of the natural ageing process. Menopause may be experienced differently by different women. Some women do not experience any major symptoms while others may experience significant fluctuations in mood and other physical symptoms which may affect their daily functioning.

First Signs of Menopause: There are several symptoms that can occur as menopause begins. Irregular menstruation is perhaps the first sign that a woman experiences when she is going through menopause. There may be changes in the frequency of menstrual periods as well as in the menstrual flow. Ovulation also becomes irregular and the chances of conception reduce. The woman may still become pregnant as conception can occur until menstruation discontinues for at least a year. Menopause may also cause a burning or itching sensation in the vagina and urethra. This is because the vaginal and urethra linings become thin and dry and reduce in elasticity. Vaginal or urinary infections may also occur during this time. There may be a frequent urge for urination especially while sneezing or laughing. Sexual intercourse may also become difficult and uncomfortable. Hot flashes commonly occur during menopause. They occur due to the drop in estrogen levels which causes expansion of the blood vessels. This results in an elevation in the skin temperature. Night sweats can also occur and cause disruption in sleep. Some amount of weight gain is also likely to occur, especially around the stomach. Other symptoms of menopause include appearance of hair on the chin and upper lip, acne, hair thinning and wrinkles.

Menopause Natural Treatment: The juice of the beetroot is known to be very helpful for women experiencing menopause. Drink a glass of beetroot juice thrice daily. You can also soak some carrot seeds in milk and drink the milk after straining it to remove the seeds. Powdered liquorice is recommended for relief from menopausal symptoms. The diet must be healthy and must consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts, and cabbage. Increase intake of vitamin D through foods such as milk, bread, eggs, and cheese. For vaginal discomfort and pain, mix almond oil and geranium oil and apply the mixture to the vaginal area. Practice meditation or yoga to obtain relief from mood fluctuations and anxiety.