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By | March 5, 2010

Licorice Root For Treating Asthma At Home

Licorice means the roots and rhizome of that variety of plant that belongs to the Glycyrrhiza glabra species which is a part of the family known as Fabaceae. This is the European version of the species and contains a sweet yellow wood. There are other species like the Asian species of this plant known as the Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Licorice is a favored home remedy as it has many healing properties. It is known to be anti-arthritic, anti-allergic, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, estrogenic (mild), emollient, and expectorant, soothing, laxative and pectoral. It has traditionally been used in the treatment and cure of common colds and also coughs.

The medication is quite commonly called as the licorice root or even glycyrrhiza and at times is also used as a kind of flavoring agent. Lots of potentially healing and soothing substances have been found in licorice too, including some compounds called flavonoids and lots of other plant estrogens. The herb’s main therapeutic compound is called glycyrrhizin. It is known to exert various beneficial effects on the person’s body, thus making licorice a very valuable herb that is useful in treating a variety of ailments.

It appears to prevent the breakdown of the adrenal hormones like cortisol which is known to be the body’s main stress-fighting hormone. Licorice also helps enhance immunity by helping boost levels of interferon, which is a key chemical of the immune system that helps fight off the attacking viruses. It also contains various powerful antioxidants and phytoestrogens. Glycyrrhizinic acid helps stop the growth of various virus and bacteria.

It also has a pleasant soothing and a healing effect on a person’s respiratory system. It helps to cure irritation and even inflammation. Thus due to its expectorant properties it is beneficial in curing coughs, colds, asthma and other chest infections. Similar to aspirin, licorice has properties that are useful in relieving a person’s headaches and a fever. The herb is useful for people who are coming off various orthodox steroid medications since it can help in revitalizing the body.

The Anti-allergenic effect that licorice has is very beneficial in cases of allergic rhinitis, hay fever, bronchial asthma and conjunctivitis. Licorice is great in helping to bring back the energy and liveliness when a person is feeling stressed, tired or even fatigue. This is particularly so in cases of patients who are suffering from post surgery depression. It is also helpful for those who are convalescing.  It is a great stress reliever for people on both the physical level as well as the emotional.