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By | May 19, 2010

Infant Gas Relief

A common condition experienced by infants after they have had their feed is the formation of gas in the stomach. Although infants feed on little more than mother’s milk, one of the main causes for the build up of gas in the stomach is the mother’s diet. In case a mother eats foods that are too spicy or too oily, there are chances that the properties of these foods are passed on through the milk produced by the body to the feeding infant. The baby’s stomach is still adapting to newer forms of food and thus is susceptible to the formation of gas.

One of the most effective methods of providing your baby with relief from the discomfort of gas formed in his stomach is to burp him after having fed him. This can be done by carrying your baby on your shoulder and rubbing his back till the gas is let out from the stomach, through the mouth. However, in the event that your child is still uncomfortable after you have burped him, there is a possibility that there is still a certain amount of gas contained in the stomach. To remove this gas, a few seeds of asafetida must be mixed with oil and then applied to the stomach. The mixture is known to be extremely effective in helping children to pass gas easily and helping them to sleep peacefully. Asafetida is known for its ability to reduce reflux that is formed in the stomach and it also removes any toxins that are present in the digestive tract.

Herbal tea is another effective method of reducing discomfort felt by gas in the stomach in babies. Although rarely practiced, it is found to be safe and will not cause any harm to your child. The most effective herbal teas that are recommended for this purpose are chamomile tea, peppermint tea and ginger tea. However, it must be kept in mind that your child should have his regular meals in addition to the herbal tea that is being consumed so that the body is given the nutrition that it requires. A warm bath or a hot water bottle that is placed over your baby’s stomach is also very effective in removing gas from the stomach. When giving your child a warm bath, be careful to check the temperature of the water, as water that is extremely hot may cause scalding. Similarly, be sure to check the temperature of the hot water bottle before placing it over your baby’s stomach. As mentioned earlier, a mother’s dietary habits could affect the formation of gas in her infants’ stomach. Make sure that you are getting enough of fiber into your diet through the consumption of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

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