Household Remedies | Constipation | Sore Throat | Pimples

By | July 13, 2010

Household Remedies

You can use home remedies to treat minor health problems. Household Remedies can be an alternative if you don’t want to spend money on expensive creams and medicines. However, do remember that you must consult a doctor if you have a problem that is persistent or of a serious nature. For home remedies, you can rummage around your kitchen or use daily products to create remedies.

If you have oily skin, then you can combine an egg white with a spoonful of lemon juice. Apply this mask on your face and rinse it off with water after 15-20 minutes. You can get softer skin by stooping over a pot of boiling water with a towel draped over your head. This will allow the steam to enter the upper layers of your skin and will help to remove dead skin and dirt. It will also help to provide your skin with moisture and keep it hydrated. You can also use a facial scrub after this to cleanse your skin completely but make sure that you sue a moisturizer after cleansing to keep your skin well moisturized. You can make your own simple home remedy for glowing skin by using cold, cooked oatmeal to scrub your face on a regular basis. To get rid of a bad tan, you can make your own tan-remover by mixing half a cup of sugar, 1/4th cup of lemon juice, and a little face scrub. To make your skin glow, cover your face with warm towels and then splash your face with cold water a few times.

You can grind the leaves of the Margosa tree into a fine paste and apply it on your face to get rid of pimples and keep your skin healthy. You can also mix this paste with Fuller’s Earth and massage the mixture into your skin. After it begins to dry and crust, wash the paste off with lukewarm water. You may also rub a small bit of grape or watermelon juice on your face, and wash it off after a few minutes.

You can create your own home remedy for cough and sore throat, by brewing yourself a cup of Basil tea. Boil leaves of Holy Basil, ginger and peppercorn in water, and add honey to it. Drink this tea when warm. You can also boil ginger, turmeric and pepper with milk and drink this hot drink before going to bed. This is good for curing sore throats.