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By | June 14, 2010

Home Remedies for Hot Pepper Burns

The burns caused by hot peppers result from capsaicin, a substance present in the peppers which causes heat and a burning sensation. Cutting or cooking with chilies or capsicum most commonly results in burns on the skin if proper care is not taken while handling them.

Jalapeno Pepper Burn Relief: To avoid hot pepper burns, latex gloves must be worn while cutting the peppers. It is however possible for the capsaicin to seep through the gloves and burn the skin. If hot pepper burns do occur, it is important to wash the hands thoroughly so as to remove all traces of capsaicin from the skin. Remember to also scrub the area beneath the nails. Use cold water in order to soothe the burning skin, and use soap or detergent to get rid of the capsaicin. Soaking the hands in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes after that will help greatly in easing the discomfort. You can also rub an ice cube over the affected area. One can also apply petroleum jelly or vegetable oil over the burn as capsaicin is fat soluble and the use of oily substances will help to get rid of it. This will also protect the skin as it begins to heal. Another way to soothe hot pepper burns is to take add some cold fresh cream or milk to a dish, and soak the hands in it for some time. Rubbing baking soda on the hands after soaking them in cold water will also help to alleviate burning.  You can even rub some flour on the affected skin or apply fresh lemon juice to promote quicker healing. Tomatoes are also known to be effective in treating hot pepper burns. Add warm water and a little cooking oil to tomato pulp and after it cools, soak your hands in it for about an hour. This will reduce the burning and pain and also prevent aggravation of the burn. Applying the gel of aloe vera leaves may also help to ease the burning.

If the burns are severe and the discomfort is not alleviated, it is advisable to consult a doctor who may prescribe certain ointments that will help to heal the burn. It is also important to remember that when affected by a hot pepper burn, do not touch any other part of the body such as the eyes or nose, as the capsaicin will spread to those areas and cause more burning.