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By | June 14, 2010

Home Remedy to Increase Height

The height of a person depends on factors like heredity, race, age, diet and lifestyle. Chances are that if your parents are tall and you play active sports regularly, you will grow tall too during your adolescence. The somatrotroic hormone released by the pituitary gland after one attains puberty is responsible for the spurt in the increase in height during the teenage years. Nutrients like proteins, vitamins A and D, iron, calcium and zinc play a crucial role in boosting the production of this hormone and are therefore a necessary part of a diet during the growing years. The increase in height is also depends on the degree of flexibility of the backbone. Exercises like skipping, high jumping, cycling, and swimming are excellent means of ensuring that the spine can stretch to its maximum capacity and help a great deal in increasing height if practiced regularly during adolescence. Active sports like tennis, soccer and basketball also help in ensuring the overall growth of the bones and improve the chances of attaining good height.

Grow Taller Diet

In order to grow taller It is also advisable to stay away from junk food containing saturated fats and artificial sweeteners, as these tend to increase body weight and thereby hamper growth in terms of height. Eating plenty of fruits and raw vegetables, whole grains, sprouts and pulses, and eggs and dairy products is beneficial as they are rich natural sources of the minerals and vitamins essential for increase in height. 6-8 hours of sound sleep every day is also necessary during the crucial growing years for ensuring maximum increase in height. This is because the pituitary gland functions best and secretes increased amounts of the growth hormone when the brain is relaxed during sleep. However, several adults feel dissatisfied with the height they have naturally attained and wish to grow taller.

Ways to Increase Height: There are hormonal supplements that some people opt for in order to increase their height in adulthood. Since it is not possible to make the bones grow longer naturally once one has reached adulthood, some people also go in for surgical methods of increasing height. These procedures are expensive and could have harmful side-effects. Stretching exercises like pull-ups may be of some use in improving the curvature of the spine and giving you a more upright posture, thereby making you grow taller. You may also use high-heeled shoes or footwear that has thick soles in order to appear taller than you actually are.