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By | February 19, 2010

Tips For Treating Joint Pain Using Sage Extracts

Joint pain is often known as Arthralgia. Joint pain can be the result of many different types of either injuries or certain conditions. Pain in the joints can further result in inflammation in either one or even more joints. It is a symptom of arthritis and it can occur in any location of the human body where either two or more bones meet. Joint pain can result in stiffness, excessive swelling, and a dull or chronic throbbing. All these conditions further contribute to the destruction of a person’s joints.

Properties Of Sage Extract

Sage extracts are known to possess certain potent anti-inflammatory and even analgesic effects. These help to relieve those symptoms that are caused by Joint pain or Arthralgia. The medicinal name of Sage is called as Salvia officinalis. Some alternative names of the common sage include Garden sage, Dalmatian sage and Kitchen sage. Try boiling one teaspoon of regular Sage tea in an ounce of water.

Then strain this solution and drink the extracts in the morning and in the evening for a month. This will help to reduce the symptoms of Joint pain in a month’s time. Drinking of sage tea is not known to have any side effects and is well tolerated as a remedy for curing joint pain. Mayonnaise, often abbreviated to mayo for casual usage, is the creamy thick emulsion of the yolk of an egg, salt, oil, mustard and lemon juice.

Some recipes using mayonnaise require the use of vinegar to replace lemon juice. The ingredients are all mixed together till the oil and the egg yolk becomes a stable suspension. Mayonnaise has always been a staple ingredient of the French cooking. There are a large number of uses that mayonnaise can be put to, the majority of them have very little to do with the appeal of mayonnaise as a food item. Normally one of the most common uses that mayonnaise can be put to is as a condiment in sandwiches.

However In the case of joint pains, an application of cold mayonnaise on the affected area is known to reduce the pain. This is due to the coolness of the mayonnaise that serves as an ice pack and also because of the oil content that helps by replenishing the area with moisture. It is vital to fully remove any mayonnaise that is left covering the skin after the procedure is complete as mayonnaise can get rancid fairly quickly.