Home Remedies Using Cranberries : Cranberry Juice For Perspiration

By | March 26, 2010

Cranberry Juice Health Benefits

Body odor is something that most of us have experienced at some point of time. An extremely embarrassing social circumstance, body odor is usually caused by heavy perspiration, especially in the folds of the body like the underarms, knees and the folds of the neck.

Excessive perspiration is a problem in itself. While sweating is the body’s natural response to increasing heat in the physical environment, when it is excessive it can be extremely uncomfortable. Perspiring is the natural way in which the body brings down its temperature. However, in certain circumstances, the sweat glands of our body overact and cause excessive sweating.

Keeping yourself clean and dry can largely help you with the problems of body odor. However, there are few remedies which can help you treat excessive sweating. Some of the ways in which you can save yourself from the embarrassment of bad odor due to perspiration are showering and changing your clothes frequently.

There are some simple home remedies too which can help you reduce the perspiration problem, allowing your skin to breathe easy. Cranberry juice is an excellent home remedy for those who sweat excessively. Cranberry juice, known for its acidic nature, is better known as a remedy for urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice can help reduce the pH level of blood, cleansing it of the toxins and bacteria. Similarly, drinking cranberry juice can lower the body’s pH, inhibiting growth of odor causing bacteria.

  • Cranberry juice is an extremely tasty and refreshing drink made from the cranberry fruits. The juice is bitter because of its high acidic content. Apart from being a great source of many essential nutrients, cranberry juice is also great for keeping the body free of toxins and bacteria.
  • The juice is rich in vitamin C and can help break down the stones in the kidney too. In fact, drinking cranberry juice can keep you cool and refreshed inside so that your body doesn’t have to put in an extra effort in evening the body’s temperature by sweating profusely.
  • Cranberry juice also contains certain chemicals which prevents the build up of bacteria and plaque, keeping the mouth healthy.
  • However, when you are using cranberry juice as home remedy, make sure you get 100% cranberry juice. There are several brands of cranberry juices in the markets which have only 30% of the fruit while the rest of the contents are only water, sugar and added flavors.
  • If you do not drink 100% cranberry juice, it may not work well as a home remedy. The best alternative is to prepare the juice at home itself.