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By | June 10, 2010

Home Remedies for Heartburn

The classic signs of heartburn can be altogether extremely alarming. While it may not actually be as serious as a heart trouble, it is a condition that warrants attention. Heartburn is extremely distressing and the discomfort caused makes people look for instant solutions such as the intake of some form of medication. While this can provide heartburn relief, since these do not address the underlying causes of the burning sensation, you are likely to get a repeat of the heartburn symptoms pretty soon. Symptoms described in cases of heartburn vary from a general acute burning sensation from within to literally feeling one’s stomach contents being pushed up. This is essentially linked to Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease and must be attended to immediately. Some of the primary causes of heartburn are dietary in nature and a lot has to do with habits and general behavior. For instance, anything from poor eating timings to stress can trigger a case of heartburn.

Chronic Heartburn Diet

In order to address the problem of heartburn, you will first need to alter certain things in your life. To begin with, your diet will have to be changed such that spicy foods no longer form a part of them. You might find that peppers, pickles and other forms of food which are known to be spicy are likely to leave you with that acute heartburn sensation which is extremely unpleasant. Furthermore, lighter foods, especially when it comes to your evening meal, would be better. In fact, these smaller, lighter meals should be spread such that your digestive system is not overly stressed. In this manner, smaller meals, since they are consumed more often, can still satisfy your cravings while going easy on your system. Timing is of critical importance and food should not be consumed when you have to lie down, such as around your bedtime. Try to keep at least a three hour gap, if not more, since this is one of the leading factors behind the problem of heartburn. Do not forget that you will need to supplement such dietary changes with changes in your drinking habits. This would mean drinking water more often and avoiding alcohol. You will be surprised to see how far these simple changes can take you not just with respect to the heartburn problem. Such lifestyle changes are beneficial for you in the long term and can have a great impact on your health. Do keep up these healthy changes and consult a doctor if heartburn continues to be a problem.