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By | April 1, 2010

Vagus Nerve Function Treatment And Natural Cures

The vasovagal episode or a dysfunction of one’s vagus nerve is a condition that gained fame by an American president who happened to choke on a pretzel and subsequently fainted away. There are a number of people who suffer from these episodes fairly often which are set off by certain triggers. The vagus nerve is defined as the nerve that starts off at the brain stem and then connects itself to the lungs and to the stomach.

The mechanism that then occurs during the fainting spell involves a drop in a person’s heart rate when they are confronted with a certain trigger and also a corresponding drop in one’s blood pressure. Some of these triggers of this particular condition include a person keeping their legs in a locked position for a fairly long period of time, also any kind of stresses, any type of discomforting experience which can include watching some kind of painful experience, or intense heat exposure.

It can even include extreme emotions like that of rage, excessive nausea, hunger, swallowing and vomiting, or even dehydration. Pressure on the vagus nerve caused by high altitude and at times maybe even laughter. In the advance cases people suffering from this condition may even pass out completely. They may then recover and pass out again. The condition is not considered to be life threatening but some of the injuries that can result from fainting and falling or hitting an object can be dangerous.

For some people the trigger that sets of this condition may be certain types of food. If one knows the trigger food, then the first step is to either reduce eating this particular item or stop eating it entirely. As eating a large portion of this food may put some pressure on the vagus nerve and set off a fainting spell. It is also essential to keep one’s blood pressure high around these times or during these episodes.

One of the methods that are used by an air force pilot when their aircrafts reach very high G forces is that they avoid passing out by consciously tensing up their bodies and themselves trying to fight off the feeling of losing consciousness. What happens when they fly to very high levels is that the forces tend to draw their blood away from their brains and cause them to thus lose consciousness for a temporary period. The sufferers can also try crossing their legs while they are eating and tightening the legs. This can help to lower the severity of the feeling.