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By | October 28, 2009

Know What Causes Tooth Discoloration With Discoloration Remedies

Tooth discoloration is more of a cosmetic problem rather than being indicative of any tooth decay. It is a condition that can be caused in the inner as well as the outer layer of the teeth. The dentin or inner layer can get discolored due to heavy exposure to fluoride, usage of antibiotics in pregnant women or children below eight years of age. The enamel or the outer layer is more likely to be damaged or stained due to the consumption of carbonated drinks, coffee, beverages such as wine as well as the effects of smoking.

Flourosis is a condition is brought on due to the heavy exposure of the teeth to fluoride. The excessive presence of fluoride in toothpaste, dietary supplements and water results in color changes as well as surface irregularities. This condition has also been found to be responsible for discoloration and black or white spots on teeth. It would be a good idea to avoid the consumption of the use of products that are high in fluoride.

Tooth Discoloration Treatment Tips And Tactics

You could switch to gently brushing your teeth with fresh lemon juice as it is found to be effective in cleaning and whitening the teeth. However, do remember not to do this too frequently as excessive exposure to lime can weaken the tooth surface leading to decay. Bicarbonate of soda can also be rubbed on the teeth in order to help in reducing stains and whitening teeth.

Recent studies have shown that, foods that require chewing are beneficial in maintaining the whiteness of teeth. It is precisely for this reason, that apples, celery and carrots are effective in whitening teeth naturally. Adopting a habit of chewing foods thoroughly leads to fewer chances of tooth discoloration and decay-related problems, as the chewing action inhibits the accumulation of plaque. It is also a good idea to reduce the consumption of foods with a high content of sugar in order to prevent discoloration and decay.

It is also possible that your toothbrush may be responsible for causing the discoloration and decay in your teeth. It would be a good idea to replace it as soon as possible for one with softer bristles. From ancient times, brushing teeth with salt has been an effective option to keep the teeth shiny and free from any decay. Another effective remedy for this condition is to use hydrogen peroxide. When used as a mouthwash, it is considered to be very effective in whitening teeth and reducing discoloration.