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By | February 3, 2010

Natural Cures For Whitening Teeth At Home

It is almost inevitable that you teeth lose their natural white gleam over time, as they are exposed to food, carbonated drinks, tea and coffee, tobacco and antibiotic medicines. Poor oral hygiene, old age and metabolic disorders also add to the problem. Though there are cosmetic means of whitening teeth, they are quite expensive. Even using whitening toothpaste can remove stains and dull patches on the teeth only to a certain extent. There are, however, a few simple remedies that you may follow to home to get sparkling white teeth naturally.

Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

Soak your toothbrush in water for a few minutes, sprinkle half a teaspoon of baking soda on it and carefully brush all your teeth evenly with the brush. Wait for a couple of minutes before rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water. If you find the taste of baking soda too strong, you may also mix it with some toothpaste and then brush your teeth with this mixture. Follow this remedy once or twice a week in order to prevent your teeth from turning dull yellowish in color. For another remedy, swish your mouth with a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide and water immediately after brushing your teeth.

Alternatively, you may also soak a swab of cotton wool in this solution and wipe your teeth gently with it for a few minutes. Make sure that you do not swallow any of the hydrogen peroxide and also to wash your mouth properly after your teeth have been cleaned. This produces marked results within a week or two. A tasty remedy for whitening teeth naturally is to mash a few ripe strawberries with their seeds and apply it on the teeth like toothpaste. Remember to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste immediately after this to remove traces of the sugar and acid content of strawberries.

You may also grind the dried peel of an orange with 15-20 holy basil leaves, using a little water, smear this paste over your teeth and wash your mouth with water after 10 minutes. Follow this remedy once a week to make your teeth significantly whiter. Applying a crushed walnut on the teeth also helps remove yellow stains on teeth. Another effective herbal remedy for whitening teeth is to crush sage leaves to pulp and brush the teeth with this for a few minutes. Brushing the teeth with hard wood ash also helps, as it contains potassium hydroxide that naturally whitens teeth.