Home Remedies for Throat Obstructions: A Comprehensive View

By | June 10, 2010

Home Remedies for Throat Obstructions

Throat obstruction generally occurs when a bone is stuck inside the throat or when the trachea is obstructed or inflamed. Throat obstruction leads to sudden breathlessness and should be given immediate attention. One may also experience severe pain in the throat on account of throat obstruction but it is important to provide immediate first aid as the condition could become potentially fatal. Throat obstruction generally results in breathlessness, pain in the chest, neck or abdomen, nausea or a gagging sensation and pain or difficulty while swallowing. There are some common reasons for the occurrence of throat obstruction. There could be a mechanical obstruction in the throat and this could lead to pain and even suffocation. On account of trauma or injury, the tracheal tissue could be swollen and this may result in a throat obstruction. The trachea itself may be damaged and this may also result in several of the symptoms that accompany throat obstruction.

In addition to trying some home remedies that may help dislodge the obstruction, you should maintain some general precautions that help avoid throat obstruction. Improper eating habits may lead to throat obstruction. For instance, eating too fast may cause food to descend into the wind pipe, despite the efforts of the epiglottis to keep it out. It is thus important to eat slowly and chew carefully before swallowing. Swallowing without chewing is the primary cause for obstruction in the throat. Bones and other small and sharp food articles may become lodged in the throat because of swallowing without chewing.

There are several tips to clearing a throat obstruction in addition to these tips. Break an egg into a teacup and swallow this whole to remove obstructions in the throat. Swallowing bread is also very helpful in clearing obstructions. Swallow some plain bread and then drink some water to help relieve obstructions in the throat. This should relieve obstructions in about sixty minutes. One of the most effective ways of removing throat obstruction caused by bone is by swallowing some cooked rice. This will stick to the bone lodged in the throat and this added weight will help it go down. Alternatively, to dislodge an obstructive bone, you can try gargling with vinegar. Vinegar helps soften the bone, making its passage easier. Once you have gargled with vinegar, swallow some rice or bread. This will help dislodge the bone effectively. In addition, always remember to eat slowly and chew your food well before swallowing to avoid throat obstructions.