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By | July 23, 2010

Home Remedies for Skin Injury

The skin is the largest organ of our body and it is the part that defends the soft tissues of the body from injuries and diseases. If the skin is undamaged and its glands function well, it prevents the bacteria from entering the body.  However, this protective organ is itself prone to many injuries and stresses almost on a daily basis. The skin has to face problems like environmental irritants, burns, wounds, scrapes, and cuts. When someone suffers an injury on the skin, he or she must treat it immediately so that it does not get infected. If the sufferer has symptoms like fever, swelling, redness, and discharge from the wound, it means the injury has become infected. The first thing one must do when the skin is injured is wash it with warm water and cleanse it with an antibacterial solution. The injury must be air dried and thereafter kept as clean and dry as possible to avoid infection and to help it heal soon. It would also help if the person uses an adhesive tape on the wound to prevent further injury. The adhesive must be changed frequently to prevent the wound from festering.

There are many products that can heal skin injuries effectively and also prevent infection. Applying aloe vera in pulp or gel form on the wound heals it effectively. Whether the injury is caused by scrapes or burns, aloe vera is one ingredient that can soothe the skin and promote healing. After the injury starts to heal, the sufferer can apply Vitamin E oil (obtained from Vitamin E capsules) on the wound to prevent scarring. There are other herbs like goldenseal root, comfrey, and tea tree oil that are also effective in healing skin injuries. Tea tree oil is especially good for preventing infection as it has antibacterial properties. But, it can irritate the skin because of its pungent nature, so it can be mixed with aloe vera or water before application. All these ingredients must be applied approximately three times a day for the injury to heal quickly.

Diet also plays an important role in the healing process of the skin injury. For quick recovery, it is important to have green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits, as they are a rich source of Vitamins B and C, which are essential nutrients in the healing process. Applying saliva on the wound is a helpful remedy as it can disinfect and heal the wound effectively.