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By | July 23, 2010

Home Remedies for Sagging Breasts

As breasts are the only organs that are outside of the woman’s body frame, they do face difficulties that stem from the earth’s gravitational force.  What is Ptosis? Ptosis, more commonly known as sagging breasts, is a natural occurrence, where women’s breasts lose their firmness and sag, because of age. While Ptosis, is a natural part of aging, the rate at which it develops depends on many factors. Large-breasted women are affected by Ptosis, earlier, and to a greater degree.

In younger women, sagging of the breasts may be faced by women who don’t get enough support from their bras or don’t wear bras at all, as breasts begin to sag due to the lack of support.  Another reason could be a change in overall breast size of a woman, after having a baby. During pregnancy, women’s breasts normally become larger and are filled with milk, to prepare for breastfeeding. In some cases, even after women stop breastfeeding, their breasts don’t return to their original size and shape. There are quite a few lotions and creams available, that claim to firm-up breasts, however, these may have some side-effects and should be used only after consulting a health expert. Hence, most women opt for home remedies. Given below, are a few home remedies for sagging breasts that can help you in firming sagging breasts:

  • Using a proper bra: It is important to choose your bra carefully. Ensure that you wear a bra with good and strong support holders at the bottom of the cups that lift your breasts and help them to stay firm.
  • Sagging Breasts Exercises: Breast exercises are probably the best way to firm breast, as it also reduces the fat around the chest-area. Doing push-ups helps the pectoral muscles under the chest.
  • Massaging: Massage your breasts with olive oil before you go in for a shower. You should do this regularly – about 2 to 3 times a week. This will firm the skin and improve the skin tone, elasticity and texture.
  • Oils: A combination of vegetable and essential oils can be used to help with sagging breasts. Vegetable oils like grape-seed oil or almond oil help in the nourishment of the skin and tone the structure. Essential oils like spearmint oil, fennel oil, cypress oil and lemongrass oil, are used to firm up the saggy breasts. Never use more than two drops of essential oils at a time as they can cause skin irritation.
  • Ice packs: Massaging your breasts for about a minute, in circular motions, using two ice-cubes is a quick way to uplift saggy breasts.
  • Using a breast mask: You can try using a breast mask, once a week. You can make a breast mask out of grated cucumber, egg yolk, and butter or natural cream. Mix all the ingredients, apply it and then wash it off after 15 – 20 minutes. This strengthens the tissues and firms them.