Home Remedies For Reducing Platelet Count | Adding Platelet Count To Your Blood

By | February 15, 2010

Tips For Increasing Platelet Count Of The Blood At Home

Platelets are basically the cells in your blood that are responsible for clotting of blood. These are cells that are created in the bone marrow like other blood cells but these cells are different in that they are just carriers of clotting factors and other chemicals and have no nucleus. The medical term for these cells is thrombocytes. Thrombocytes have a life span of about a week in the body before they are destroyed. This timing is very crucial and is of great use in dealing with diseases of clotting, also called thrombosis.

Thrombosis is a disease in which the blood clots in the blood vessels of the body. This is not supposed to happen because it will cause occlusions in the blood vessels. The regular clotting potential of thrombocytes in the blood is inhibited by enzymes that exist in the endothelial layer of blood vessels. Thrombosis is caused by a variety of factors include a deficiency of anticoagulant factor’s in the blood and the presence of plasmin that dissolves blood clots. When a clot forms, it can sometimes break off and travel to another part of the body. This is called an embolism and is a dangerous condition because if an embolism travels to the lungs it causes pulmonary embolism and death.

A high platelet count has to be dealt with looking at the underlying causes of the disease. The treatment of thrombosis is done with the use of anticoagulants. These include medications like heparin and warfarin. There are also other types of common medications that have an anticoagulant effect like acetylsalicylic acid. Medications like these cause an enzyme in thrombocytes called cyclooxygenase. Since the thrombocytes are devoid of a nucleus, once the damage is done, a whole week can pass by before the thrombocytes are replaced.

There are some home remedies from a dietary perspective that can also be of assistance. These are coumarins. One of the most common coumarins comes from chamomile, some species of cinnamon, vanilla grass, parsley, and celery. Another potent blood thinner and analgesic that is usually advised for migraine headaches is also potent in dealing with coagulation problems and is called fever few. This herb can be had like a tea along with ginger that is an anti-inflammatory. Garlic is also known for its anticoagulant properties and should be eaten in copious quantities. In the worst possible situation, a heparin treatment is nearly always warranted. Kiwifruit is also useful.