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By | March 26, 2010

Treating Razor Burns Effectively With Natural Cures

Razor burns are basically small abrasions that would typically involve some amount of rough scraping of the skin. In a few cases, these would also include minor bleeding. This would also sometimes be accompanied with inflammation. The general feeling of the skin and area where there have been razor burns is one of generally warm skin and a burning sensation when there is any liquid applied. If razor burns occur in an area where there is plenty of perspiration, then there would be a lot of burning!

The best way to tackle razor burns is to ice them down. This will provide relief and will also help with bringing the inflammation down, if there is any. Remember that razor burns do not always swell up. But the ice packs when applied will always end up feeling good in any case. If possible, apply chilled tea bags. This will be extremely helpful in controlling the mild breaking open of skin that occurs as well. You could also chop a cucumber into four large pieces and put this in the freezer for about a couple of hours. Apply this to your razor burns. It need not necessarily have frozen for it to be effective.

The other alternative is to also keep a few ice cubes made with rose water handy. These will help tremendously with healing and keeping your chaffed skin cool and feeling good. Apart from this, it is a good idea to keep the circulation flowing in the area where there is some amount of pain involved. This is the best way to control the pain as well as keep the injury at bay. It will heal and will also prevent discoloration if you improve circulation. In order to do this, you should massage the area gently.

Try not to use any cream or lotion, as there is no way of knowing what may or may not agree with hurt and paining skin. Instead, just use your fingertips for this purpose. If there is no open skin, then you could also use some basic aloe vera gel for the same thing. Keep in mind that aloe vera gel not only has healing powers, it will also help to bring down the swelling and keep any discoloration at bay. One of the biggest problems with razor burns is that they will discolor your skin later. Aloe can be helpful in tackling this particular problem.