Home Remedies For Rashes On Skin | Mint Poultice For Rash

By | March 5, 2010

Home Remedies For Rashes On Skin | Mint Poultice For Rash

Mint also goes by other names like fish mint, spear mint, Garden Mint, Green Mint, Mackerel Mint Lamb Mint, Sage of Bethlehem, Spearmint and Spire Mint. Mint is known to contain a number of different vitamins and minerals that are vital in maintaining a healthy body. Mint is said to be rich in Vitamins A and C and is also known to contain smaller quantities of Vitamin B2. Vitamin C is the important antioxidant that helps to decrease the chances of risk of certain cancers like colon and even rectal cancer. Even though mint is consumed in small quantities, the important nutrients are obtained and are beneficial to a person’s health.

Mint oil is very beneficial in relieving minor aches and pains likes muscle cramps and sprains. Mint is known to be stimulative, carminative, stomachic, antispasmodic and diaphoretic. Peppermint is known to have the largest concentrations of the substance menthol. Various preparations that are made of spearmint are very often fed to children. Mint is the general pick-me-up remedy that is good for colds, for flu and even for fevers. A herbalist will claim that mint is even beneficial in rheumatism, digestion, hiccups, ear aches, stings and flatulence. It is good for throat and all sinus ailments. There are further claims that a portion of creme de menthe that is made with mint is helpful in curing motion sickness.

Mint also has a wide range of the essential minerals like copper, manganese, iron, calcium and potassium. The chemical compound known as menthol that can be obtained from peppermint oil is renowned for its healing properties especially on the chest region and the respiratory system. Mint is useful in curing nasal allergies. It helps in relieving congestion, and headaches and head colds. Other benefits include acting as a mild sedative and also containing calming properties. Mint has a cooling sensation on the skin and is thus very helpful in treating minor burns, or itching and even skin irritations.

For those suffering from rash, the mint poultice when applied has a cooling and soothing effect that aids in eventually reducing the rash or irritation. Drinking it can also help as it has properties that help in cleansing the blood. Mint tea can be made by steeping mint leaves in boiling water for a while. Then try drinking this concoction regularly. It has properties that help in clearing up various skin disorders and even acne. Dried mint needs to be preserved by being kept in a particularly tightly sealed bottle or glass jar and always kept well away from the light.