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By | December 15, 2009

Cures For Piles And Treatment For Piles Pain Relief

Piles is an extremely painful medical condition known as hemorrhoids which causes the veins around the lower rectum and the anus to become swollen and inflamed. In medical terminology it is referred to as the dilation or distension of the veins of the anus. These inflamed veins are bluish colored in appearance as they contain stagnated blood. Piles is the result of increased pressure of the veins around the anal canal. These veins can be present internally or externally around the canal. It is important to know that there is no local treatment to cure piles as the only way of getting rid of piles is to treat chronic constipation that is a major factor causing piles.

Treating Piles With Healthy Diet And Effective Home Remedies

The ideal treatment for dealing with chronic constipation is to incorporate a diet replete with fresh vegetables and fruits in order to increase the fiber content. Adopting an all fruit diet for a few days can help in getting rid of the accumulated waste products in the body. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to flush out the waste products from the body and relieve chronic constipation.

In extremely stubborn and long-standing cases, doctors usually recommend an enema to cleanse the bowels and bring relief to the rectal tissues. Natural health experts are of the opinion that a complete bed rest and a short fast can help in cleansing the intestines and curing constipation. However it is important to consult your medical help practitioner before undergoing a fast especially if you are experiencing any pre-existing underlying medical condition. Certain foods that are useful in alleviating constipation are dry figs and mango seeds. It is believed that consuming a handful of dried figs that have been soaked overnight in water can help in stimulating peristaltic movements of intestines. Figs are believed to be an easy and safe home remedy in preventing painful evacuation of the bowels.

To obtain relief from the pain a patient can make use of cold compresses with ice. Medicated ointments and creams can help in soothing the itching and the pain and reducing the swelling surrounding the inflamed region.

Dried mango seeds on the other hand are a popular tropical home remedy. The seeds are usually dried and pulverized and consumed in the form of a powder blended with honey. A teaspoon of dried mango seed powder taken with honey twice daily can help in preventing the loss of blood and reducing the strain when passing stools. In some cases, piles are usually treated by removing the inflamed veins through surgery. The removal of piles is referred to as haemorrhoidectomy. Post operative treatment calls for a diet rich in high fiber and increased water intake. These measures can help in correcting constipation and preventing the recurrence of piles even after surgery.