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By | December 14, 2009

Causes Of Palpitations And Home Remedies For Palpitations Treatment

Individuals with palpitations usually benefit from natural sedatives in order to subdue the symptoms of palpitation temporarily. Since there are many kinds of palpitations, specific therapies and treatments are usually dependent on the diagnosis of the palpitation.

In patients who have undiagnosed palpitations, minor changes in their lifestyle can help in minimizing the symptoms. Some important lifestyle changes include reducing the intake of caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks. It can also help in controlling the consumption of non-prescription or over-the-counter cold medications. Patients who have a history of palpitations must keep a journal of the circumstances surrounding their palpitations.

Symptoms Of Palpitations And Tips For Treating Palpitation

It is useful to know when, where and what is causing the occurrence of palpitations in order to treat the condition on the whole. Doctors also recommend that patients keep a documentation of their pulse rate and learn how to take their pulse rate for effective diagnosis. An active involvement by the patient can help the doctor to treat the condition effectively. Some points to consider if you are experiencing palpitations is to keep a note of whether the symptoms take place in isolation or in a particular pattern. It can also help to observe associated symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, excessive perspiration, shortness of breath and chest ache.

If chest pain is associated with palpitations it may be an indication of heart attack and hence medical attention must be sought immediately. In addition to traditional medication prescribed by the doctor, certain home remedies can help in subduing palpitation symptoms. Chamomile tea is believed to be one of the best home remedies for palpitation. Some health experts also believe that honey helps in controlling palpitations and hence having a glass of warm water blended with one tbsp of honey and freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon can help in calming the mind and body. Peppermint tea is also considered to be a safe home remedy for palpitation as it is believed to have calming effect on the heart.

Another natural cure purported to be good for palpitations is the consumption of fresh grapes. Fresh grape juice can also be had at frequent intervals and it may be useful in relieving the effects of palpitation to a certain extent. In addition to lifestyle home remedies, some health experts also believed that incorporating meditation techniques and yoga can help in bringing about long-term benefits on the occurrence of palpitations. Meditation techniques help in calming the mind and body and preventing palpitation attacks from taking place. However, these need to be practiced on a daily basis for effective results.