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By | January 5, 2010

Post Miscarriage Treatment And Effective Home Remedies

Miscarriage denotes the termination of a woman’s pregnancy usually between 12 to 24 weeks that may go up to 28 weeks in certain cases. A miscarriage is extremely terrifying and distressing for any woman. A would-be mother would do everything in her power to avoid this painful occurrence. A woman needs to take extra care of herself when she is pregnant. And her diet plays the most crucial role during this time. What she eats or doesn’t eat will have a direct impact on her and the baby’s health. Miscarriages are also related to her eating habits.

Tips For Handling Oneself After Miscarriage

During pregnancy, women need to avoid excessive heat in the body. Hence, they must eat fruits, vegetables and other food products that have cold propensity. Raspberry is known to be a fruit with cold propensity. Raspberry tea, raspberry leaves, and red raspberry are some of the products that you can eat during your pregnancy regularly. Another thing that is recommended during your pregnancy is ginger tea. You can consume this at least twice a day.

If you can get hold of false unicorn in the form of its root, you should consume it for good results. False unicorn has long been trusted in maintaining good health during pregnancy. Crush a piece of false unicorn and mix one teaspoon in half glass water. Boil it in water, cool it and drink it about thrice daily. Fruits like apples, oranges, and water melon are highly recommended during pregnancy. Eat them regularly, and also eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Asafetida powder, a common spice used in cooking, is also known to be useful during your pregnancy.

Make it a part of your food and also mix it with water and drink it. You need to avoid foods that increase and generate heat in body at all costs, such as papaya and pineapple. You should also avoid antibiotics as far as you can.

Have whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water and other fluids. You should also please always be aware that your emotional and mental state plays a crucial role in preventing miscarriage as well. It is very important that you stay away from stress and stressful situations and always be relaxed. You should try and be happy and upbeat for an uncomplicated pregnancy. Indulge in your favorite hobbies to help you relax better. Ensure that you do not lift any weights or carry anything heavy as this might lead to a miscarriage.