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By | September 25, 2009

Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids With Natural Home Remedies

Hemorrhoids are a condition of the digestive system, in which there is swelling and inflammation of the veins around the rectum. There may also be protrusion of the lower rectum through the anus, which causes pain, tenderness, inflammation and also bleeding. Hemorrhoids are most commonly caused due to strain while expelling stools. Constipation, chronic diarrhea, aging and pregnancy are factors that could trigger the occurrence of hemorrhoids. This condition is rarely serious and the symptoms may disappear within a few days. The most common sign indicative of hemorrhoids is the appearance of fresh red blood in the stools.

Symptoms And Treatment For Hemorrhoids

There may also be hard swollen lumps around the rectum due to the formation of blood clots, a condition called thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Further discomfort may occur due to rubbing while cleaning around the rectum. This can result in itching and tenderness. In some cases, there may also be mucus discharge.

This condition can occur in males and females. It usually develops after the age of fifty years. Pregnant women are very vulnerable to hemorrhoids, as many pregnant women experience constipation. The strain that occurs during bowel movements coupled with the pressure that is exerted by the growing fetus in the abdomen may cause the veins in the rectum to become swollen and inflamed.

Nature has provided us with several natural products by which it is possible to treat hemorrhoids. One effective remedy is to take some sliced onion and add a bit of honey to it. Dab this paste on to a cotton pad and apply to the hemorrhoids. You can also add chopped garlic to the mixture, as garlic is very effective in reducing inflammation. Ensure that you drink a tablespoon of olive oil daily. This will help to keep the stools soft, allowing smooth bowel movements. Applying witch hazel to the affected area will also help to alleviate swelling and reduce the bleeding. Ground turmeric may also be applied for quick relief from painful hemorrhoids. You can also grate a white radish and add to this a few drops of honey. Apply this to the hemorrhoids for soothing relief.

Coconut oil is effective in reducing the pain and tenderness and can be applied directly to the affected areas. It is important to refrain from eating spicy and greasy food as this is harmful to your system and will aggravate the condition. Eating a mixture of rice gruel and mashed banana is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.