Home Remedies For Foot Spurs | Heated Foot Massage For Foot Spurs

By | March 2, 2010

Foot Spur Effective Home Remedies

A foot spur is a condition that is characterized by a bony protrusion on the bottom of one’s foot. Also commonly referred to as a heel spur, it is caused when the ligament which runs or stretches along the sole, is subject to continuous pulling. This abnormal protrusion then begins to exert pressure on one’s heel, leading to pain, swelling and inflammation. The pain may at times be excruciating thus making walking, a difficult task for the patient.

Some of the common symptoms associated with this condition are; pain on the pad, middle and bottom of one’s heel, particularly whilst standing for too long or while walking, weakness and numbness of the foot and the experience of pain when the foot is bent backwards. This condition is common in athletes, dancers, overweight people, diabetics and individuals whose jobs involve standing in one place for prolonged periods of time.

Simple home remedies however, can help in treating this condition to a considerable extent. The first thing that one needs to do, while suffering from this condition, is to get shoes that fit properly. Bad or ill fitting shoes aggravate the situation as they exert an additional amount of pressure on the foot, thus getting shoes which are comfortable, is of prime importance.

Avoid activities such as jogging, standing for too long in one place and running, as it is crucial to give the foot as much rest as possible; strenuous activities will only add insult to injury.

A heated foot massage will also help in gaining relief and alleviating pain. Hold a heat pad or a warm compress against the foot for about fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help in improving blood circulation to the affected area, thereby reducing any inflation. Thereafter, gently massage the entire foot with the thumbs, concentrating on the heel in particular.

This will help in alleviating pain while also relaxing the muscles. The massage can then be followed by a few stretching exercises, such as rotating the ankle in a clockwise and anti clock wise manner.

The heated foot massage treatment should be performed twice a day, in order help the muscles relax and to reduce pain. In addition to a heating pad, the application of an ice pack, twice a day, is also known to work well on this condition. If however, the pain persists and goes on to become unbearable, make sure that you consult a physician at the earliest.