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By | September 24, 2009

Home Cures For Flu – Best Home Remedies For Flu

The flu occurs due to a viral infection, and affects the entire body. It is characterized by fever and chills. It also results in other symptoms such as cough, soreness in the throat, congested nasal passages and  headaches. A prolonged bout of the flu can cause weakness, muscle fatigue, reduced appetite and body ache. The joints may also become stiff and painful.

Flu is a contagious condition and is easily spread through droplets that emerge from an infected individual’s respiratory tract. While sneezing or coughing, these droplets are expelled from the nose and mouth, becoming air borne. The hands of the infected individual may be carriers for the flu, as they may contain traces of the respiratory tract discharge. The symptoms of flu usually subside between three to five days. However, the cough and weakness could persist for a longer period of time. In some cases, a secondary infection may also develop along with the flu, such as sinusitis, infection in the ear and bronchitis. Pneumonia may also develop and can be quite a serious complication.

Home Remedies For Flu In Kids

The flu is very common in children, but since it is contagious, it can rapidly spread to adults as well. The strain of flu changes very often, making it difficult to create an effective vaccine. The flu generally disappears after it takes its course, but sometimes the symptoms may be more severe, such as high fever or a worsening cough. These signs may indicate an infection caused by bacteria. This would require a medical examination and the prescribed course of antibiotics needs to be taken.

When affected by the flu virus, it is essential to get plenty of rest. Fatigue commonly occurs during the flu, and as such the body experiences tiredness and muscle exhaustion. As such, rest is imperative to allow the body to recover. Flu also causes a loss of appetite and hence the intake of food may be reduced. It is important to keep the body healthy and hydrated by consuming large amounts of water and other fluids. This will also help to keep the mucus thin, allowing it to flow easily, without causing congestion. Hot chicken soup is one of the best remedies for dealing with the flu at home. You can also add a bit of pepper and garlic for better effect.

Echinacea is a natural herb that is believed to be effective in treating the flu and common cold. You may add about twenty drops of echinacea tincture to water and drink this at regular intervals daily. Ginseng tea is also a good remedy for fighting the flu. Elderberry   juice mixed with honey and lemon juice can be consumed to clear the lungs and also alleviate a fever.