Home Remedies For Female Sterility | Infertility Treatment And Natural Cures

By | March 17, 2010

Female Infertility Treatment And Effective Home Remedies

Female sterility refers to that condition where females are unable to conceive and give birth to a baby. It can be caused due to any physical defect, where there could be loss of essential glands or reproductive organs; or a functional fault such as emaciation due to diabetic error. Diseases which are sexually transmitted like syphilis or gonorrhea can also lead to sterility.

Sterility, however, should not be confused with frigidity which is failure to perform the act of sexual intercourse. Symptoms that show signs of fertility can be weight loss, anxiety, depression, high consumption of alcohol, change in sleeping patterns and lack of concentration on daily activities and tasks.

Natural Cures For Female Sterility

There are many home remedies for female sterility that can be made and used at home, hence keeping privacy. One of the most common and most valuable remedies used for treatment of sterility are the tender roots of the banyan tree. The roots of the banyan tree are very delicate yet hold a great degree of importance and are considered to be one of the best remedies for female sterility if it does not rise from physical defects.

The roots need to be dried, crushed into a powder and then added into milk. The accurate measurement to mix would be in the ratio 1:5 which means the milk needs to be 5 times the amount of the powder. So, 50 grams of the banyan tree root powder should be mixed with 250 grams of milk. This mixture is then consumed by the affected patient.

It is recommended that a woman take these 3 nights in a row, right after the menstrual cycle is over. One should keep in mind that intake of food should be done only after 4 hours of taking this mixture. This schedule should be followed every month after the menstrual cycle till the patient is found with positive results.

Apart from this remedy, it is recommended that following a prescribed diet and exercise will help you to conceive and this is effective in cases where obesity is the reason for sterility. If one does not wish to go through a strenuous exercise routine, yoga can be a very useful alternative. Some of the yoga asana are designed to make ovaries stronger and can be very helpful in overcoming sterility. All of this with a proper combination of the right amount of rest and proper hygiene with the diet can lead to pregnancy at a faster rate.