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By | March 5, 2010

Aloe Vera For Oily Skin Treatment

There are known to be over 200 odd different kinds of aloe vera or Barbadenis plants but actually only four among these types are really considered to be valuable as health supplements or kept for usage in various aloe vera remedies and natural products. Those aloe plants that are more mature are considered to be more beneficial both nutritionally and medicinally. Aloe Vera gel is probably the most widely used for a balm for any insect bites, bruises, rashes, cuts and burns. The various health benefits that an Aloe Vera has, has been famous and well renowned for a long time.

The amazing medicinal and healing properties that this plant has are known to extend to the benefit of the skin. If you drink two or up to four ounces, or even drinking up to half a cup of aloe vera juice on a daily basis helps the skin to get a boost that helps in clearing away blemishes and thus helps in improve skin quality. This is mainly due to the toning and balancing effect that the aloe vera juice has on a person’s intestinal tract. Aloe Vera is known to be beneficial for various skin ailments like acne and even for oily skin.

During the course of the day a person’s face is exposed to dirt, pollutants, and various other elements in the environment. For those with acne or even oily skin it is vital to use a cotton cloth that has been dampened with the non-drying aloe toner that is required after any form of outdoor exposure. Aloe has numerous healing properties that are beneficial for the skin and in particular for drying skin. Because of the irritants that are floating around in the air, which adhere to a person’s oily skin it leads to the causing of blemishes and serves to aggravate skin problems.

Aloe’s pH factor helps restore the skin’s balance at the same time as it cleanses the skin, thus making it the perfect toner for any blemished skin. It can be either left on, or washed off with clean water. For dry skin or for sensitive skin the person may need to dilute the aloe in the ratio 50/50 with water else the aloe toner may have a drying result. Try making a facial pack from a tsp of clay, a tsp of witch hazel, a tsp of aloe juice, a dash of essential tree oil and a dash of peppermint oil.