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By | March 26, 2010

Treating Chest Heaviness At Home Effectively

Heaviness in the chest can happen due to a large number of reasons. The first thing that you need to do is zero in on the reason for your experiencing this. It is important to know that while heaviness in the chest area could be caused due to something as basic and simple as the common cold, it is also possible that this may be the harbinger of some bog problem such as the onset of heart trouble. If you have been suffering from this symptom for more than a week or so, then you are advised to first consult with a doctor and figure out what is wrong, exactly.

In some cases, heaviness of the chest could also be caused by a bad cold. Sometimes, even when the cold has been remedied, it is possible that there is residual heaviness which comes about as a result of the remnants of congestion. In any and all cases, one of the best ways to go about loosening this heaviness in the chest is to indulge in a long session of exercise. This will automatically reduce all heaviness and will enable you to feel better as well. Exercise will get the circulation flowing and will also help to breathe easier. Though not mentioned here, heavy breathing is also a common side effect of a heavily congested chest.

Apart from exercise, if there is something like congestion or a cold troubling you, then the best way to go about tackling this is to drink plenty of hot fluids. This will enable the congested ball that has lodged in your chest to loosen up and will help you to eventually get rid of it. One of the best things to keep sipping is thymol water. This can be made by boiling two tablespoons of thymol seeds to which a clove has also been added in a liter of water. This should be boiled on high heat till the liquid content is reduced by half. Sip this while it is hot. Since thymol is a spice and it does not taste too good, this can also be camouflaged by adding a tablespoon of honey to the drink. Honey not only helps to alter the taste, it also helps because it can have certain curative properties for a congested chest. Having pepper added to your daily meals can also be extremely useful in helping with heaviness in the chest area.