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By | February 15, 2010

Treatment Of Bone Spurs And Natural Bone Spurs Remedies

Bone spurs are an improper formation of bone that can occur anywhere in the body including the spine and is an indication of the onset of arthritis. The exact mechanism of the bone spur follows some kind of inflammatory process or damage as would be seen in arthritis. After the normal bone has degraded, the bone healing process begins and the regrowth of the bone subsequently is in correct and will cause a spur to form. The only natural way to treat a bone spur is to work down the joint. If this condition is very painful then it is actually better to treat the problem medically with some surgery instead.

Bones growth is a very unique process in the body. Unlike other parts of the body where the cells are completely replaced in a process where the cells undergo programmed cell death or apoptosis, the bones are actually sculpted and not grown. There are two cells that are responsible for this process. Osteoblasts are the cells create bone by drawing calcium from the blood and sequestering it in a lattice structure. To do this, bone sometimes needs to be removed from other parts of the body where it is not needed and that can be from other bones. The removal of calcium is performed by another set of cells called osteoclasts and these cells break down the calcium in bone and release in it into the blood. Through this sculpting process bone is formed.

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease of the joints. In this disease, the immune system of the body uses its autoimmune response to degrade the ligament fibers that provide a smooth platform for bones to move against each other. The immune system does this mistakenly due to a programming mistake in our genetic codes that we inherit from our parents. When the ligaments at the joints are lost, the joints rub together and wear down. The resulting repair of bone that initiates naturally causes the creation of bone spurs.

Treating this condition requires the use of corticosteroid treatments. These suppress the inflammatory response that causes arthritis in the first place. Removing the bone spurs itself would require that you eat a diet that is slightly calcium deficient but if you are past the age of forty, this is something that should be avoided. Stick to a dairy free diet for some time to reduce the dietary overload of calcium.