Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginitis | Treat Recurring Bacterial Vaginitis

By | October 1, 2009

Treatment For Bacterial Vaginitis Symptoms And Allergy

Vaginitis is a chronic state of the reproductive organs in women characterized by vaginal dryness, in which the vagina becomes itchy and dry. The affected women may also experience inflammation in the vagina. Vaginitis is generally caused by the lack of natural lubrication in the vaginal area.
The vagina is normally lubricated by the blood vessels encompassing the vagina and the content of vaginal secretions or moisture increases during sexual arousal.

The moisture content of the vagina is determined by the hormonal balance of the body, predominantly the sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen regulates the blood vessels around the vagina to secrete semi-viscous vaginal fluid and keep it moist. As such, a lack of estrogen is the main reason for vaginitis in women.

Easy Home Remedies Bacterial Vaginitis At Home

You can cure the ailment at home, using several easy home remedies. Some such home remedies to cure vaginitis are as follows:

  • First and foremost, you must maintain the fluid or water content of your body. You must consume a lot of water to appropriately hydrate your body.
  • You must consume a diet that is rich in all the nutrients. If you are suffering from vaginal dryness, you must not go on a crash diet.
  • You must maintain personal hygiene. Also, vaginitis may make you allergic to certain lotions, soaps, and perfumes. As such, you must avoid the use of these toiletries and cosmetics.
  • You may also cure vaginitis by using an herb named Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa), which is supposedly instrumental in relieving menopausal symptoms, including vaginal inflammation, and dryness. As such, you may use the extract of the plant to assuage the problem of vaginitis.
  • You are also recommended to use the extract of wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) to alleviate vaginal ailments, including vaginitis. Wild yam is a native of eastern part of North American continent and is a low creeper.
  • Wash yourself gently with warm water and a mild soap at least once a day as having Vaginitis can leave you susceptible to other infections. In addition to this, include yogurt in your daily diet as this will ensure an adequate amount of healthy bacteria within the vagina and thus prevent infection.
  • In case the ailment is in a severe state, you are advised to consult a doctor as the vagina is a highly sensitive area of body and any ailment there can cause a lot of discomfort.