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By | February 25, 2010

Epsom Salt For Back Pain Treatment | Natural Stress Reliever

Pain in the lower region of the back or low back pain is the common concern that affects a large part of the population. Low back pain is not one specific disease. Instead, it is the symptom that is known to occur due to a variety of other processes. In the majority of the cases it is always difficult to identify the cause of the back ache. There may be many reasons why it occurs. Some of the common causes include either disease or even injury to either the muscles or the bones, or even the nerves in the spine. Pain that comes from abnormalities of the organs that lie within the pelvis, abdomen, or chest can be felt even in the back.

This is known as referred pain. Many known intra-abdominal disorders, like aneurysms, appendicitis, bladder infections, pelvic infections, ovarian disorders and kidney diseases can lead to pain that is referred in the back. Normal pregnancy can also be a cause of back pain in very many ways. These include the stretching of the ligaments that lie within the pelvis thus irritating nerves, and also causing straining in the low back. Other problems include sciatica, spondylosis, spinal disc disintegration and other skeletal causes.

Chronic pain often leads to other problems besides the actual pain itself. These can include: spasm, tension, and depression or insomnia. While the conventional pain medicines can help as a remedy they may have one or two these side effects. Folk traditionally use Epsom salt in baths to help relieve the back pain. Epsom salt is known to have magical and therapeutic healing properties. Epsom salt is mainly magnesium sulfate and has thus been used for medicinal purposes for many years. The heat that generates from an Epsom salt bath helps to increase the blood circulation and thus helps in reducing the swelling that is the result of arthritis. This magnesium is absorbed in through the skin.

Magnesium is one of the most vital minerals in a person’s body. Magnesium is known to contain both anti-inflammatory and also anti-arthritic properties. To create a solution or a bath of Epsom salts, first fill the bathtub with water. This water should be hot and the heat should be at a temperature that is tolerable by the body. Then proceed to add two cups full of Epsom salt and mix well. The person suffering from back pain should sit in this hot solution for about thirty odd minutes. To maintain the heat levels, a small amount of hot water can be added to the tub from time to time.