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By | December 28, 2009

Cure For Athletes Foot And Effective Natural Cures

Athlete’s foot refers to a particular kind of fungal infection wherein the feet are affected. This fungal skin infection typically takes the form of a rash on one’s foot. This infection, termed as tinea pedis, is particularly problematic because there is no telling how long it will last. At the same time, despite successful treatment, athlete’s foot may recur all the same. The problem is that once you have had to deal with this fungus, you are left more susceptible to getting it again. While people tend to think of it as just one disease, you will find three broad variations of this fungal problem.

Effective Remedies For Athletes Foot

It has been divided since the affected part is different in each case and can even appear different. The fungus responsible is typically found in those warm areas, like between toes, where it is usually moist. If infected by this fungus, one has to take a great number of precautions since its proliferation is quite an easy matter. Simply touching the affected body part, such as the toes, can mean that it spreads to you. One of the commonest methods of getting athlete’s foot is a simple matter of walking barefoot when the area, such as the swimming pool side, is contaminated with this fungus. It is also alarming to note that the fungi grow inside tight shoes.

Even without having the infection, an unsuspecting individual can contribute to its spread by touching articles that have the fungi. Symptoms include a burning sensation in addition to itching feet. Specific symptoms of athlete’s foot depend on the category that has caused the infection. If faced with this problem, contact a doctor who will be able to assist with the names of medication. This is especially important if you suffer from an ailment like diabetes.

What you need is a natural disinfectant such as vinegar to help treat this infection. Besides applying this natural cure with a cotton ball or some other means, you can use this in a foot soak. Besides the vinegar, add an equal measure of water so as to dilute the effects. Make sure that the water is warm for a soothing soak. Add yogurt to your diet to help fight such fungal infections. For athlete’s foot treatment, tea tree oil can be great for adults as well as children. A foot soak containing 2 – 3 teaspoons of tea tree oil in 3 liters of warm water helps with the symptoms. You can indulge in this warm soak twice a day.