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By | January 8, 2010

Effective Remedies For Preventing Aging In Skin

Aging is a natural process that cannot be prevented. The skin is the largest and most delicate organ of the body and the blemishes on the skin contribute to the first signs of aging. Graying hair, body aches and numerous other ailments gradually come into play as indicators of aging. Lifestyle plays the most crucial role in delaying the aging process.

Tips For Preventing Aging Of Skin

Drinking plenty of water is recommended as it not only ensures the proper functioning of the various organs within the body but also keeps the skin hydrated and supple thus preventing the occurrence of age lines or wrinkles. A balanced diet also ensures that the body gets all the nutrients it needs to function efficiently. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that help in preventing various diseases. Being low on fat and rich in fiber, they also prevent weight gain and ensure an adequate intake of various nutrients. Fatty and oily foods, aerated drinks, alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicating drugs should be avoided as they tend to harm the body.

Before a bath, massaging your skin with a blend of pure honey and lemon juice will help in keeping it radiant, firm and blemish free. Honey is a natural healer that nourishes the skin. Lemon juice, rich in vitamin C, is known for its ability to fade away blemishes, prevent skin damage and keep infection causing microbes at bay. Moisturizing your skin with aloe gel on a regular basis is also recommended as aloe keeps the skin healthy and acne free. The use of a sunscreen whenever outdoors will prevent sun damage. Regular head massages with a mixture of castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil will keep your hair soft and silky while retaining its original color. The use of harsh skincare and hair-care products should be avoided so as to keep skin and hair healthy.

Regular exercise is a priority when trying to stay in good shape. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics and dancing are beneficial in maintaining lean muscle, keeping the joints and muscles flexible thus reducing aches and pains and improving the overall functioning of the body without being too strenuous. Stress is another factor that contributes to premature aging. Regular deep breathing exercises and meditation assist in maintaining composure. Tai Chi and yoga also benefit the body in numerous ways. Without sufficient rest, the body ages faster. Adequate sleep ensures that the body gets enough of time to self heal thus making one look younger and vibrant.