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By | November 13, 2009

Home Remedies For Hiccups And Hiccups Treatment

Hiccups are caused by the unintentional contraction of the diaphragm. An irritation of the phrenic nerve, or the nerve that controls the diaphragm, leads to the embarrassing condition of hiccups. Since the contractions caused are involuntary, the repeated contraction of the diaphragm leads to a quick opening and closing of the vocal cords in order to check the intake of air, making the sound that accompanies the condition. Hiccups can also be caused by an irritation of nerves that extend from the back of the neck to the chest.

Any form of irritation caused to the diaphragm will lead to hiccups. Thus, eating spicy food, eating quickly and the excessive consumption of alcohol and aerated water will cause an onset of hiccups. Excessive laughing and coughing are known to cause hiccups because of the excessive pressure put on the diaphragm. Stress and nervousness are believed to have similar effects on the phrenic nerve, leading to hiccups.

What Causes Hiccups – Tips And Effective Hiccups Remedy

An imbalance of the electrolytes in the body is also known to cause hiccups. In most cases, hiccups will last for only a few minutes or a few hours. However, there are times when the period extends to over a few days or weeks and seeking medical intervention is recommended as the hiccups could be a result of a serious, underlying illness.

A person with hiccups may follow a regular healthy diet as hiccups are not a serious disorder. Drinking large amounts of water, at room temperature, has also been advised as a method of overcoming hiccups. Drinking cold water should be avoided as it will cause a strain on the blood vessels of the throat, causing further constriction to the air passages. It is recommended that a salted carbonated beverage be consumed in order to restore the electrolyte content of the body, thereby eliminating the possibility of hiccups caused due to an electrolytic imbalance.

Sucking on a tablespoon of sugar, or a piece of ginger will divert your attention from the hiccup, allowing relaxation of the diaphragm, thereby enabling you to feel at ease. Similarly, consuming two tablespoons of yogurt is believed to stop hiccups. The remedies to stop hiccups also include a sudden psychosomatic shock or fright, to divert his attention from the hiccups and restore normal functioning of the diaphragm muscle. The alteration of the breathing process is another well recommended method of curing hiccups. This can be done by holding the breath for short periods of time, allowing the diaphragm to relax and function normally.