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By | July 6, 2010

Headache Home Remedies

Headaches are a common health problem, and almost all of us have suffered from a headache at some point of time in our life. There are several ways of treating headaches with home remedies.

You can use a cold pack on your forehead to get relief from the pain. You can even use a heat pack by dipping a washcloth in warm water or using a hot water bottle to get relief from the pain. If you have been suffering from tension headaches, then sit in a darkened room, with the curtains drawn. Just sit quietly for a while or play some soothing music, and try to block out stressful thoughts. Taking slow and deep breaths during this time will help to calm down and will allow your muscles to relax.

You can go in for a warm shower to ease off the headache. Acupressure is another way to ease headaches. You can find an acupressure therapist and go in for a session to get relief from the headache. Headache home remedies would also include aromatherapy which makes use of essential oils. It is advisable to opt for a session of aromatherapy with the help of a qualified therapist. There are several essential oils that are used to cure tension headaches. From Chamomile, Rose, and Eucalyptus, to Lavender and Rosemary- each oil has some benefits, and a therapist can tell you which oils will be helpful in curing your headaches. The essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil, and used for massaging the head, neck and shoulders. You can also mix some of this oil in your bath water for effective results.

Headaches Natural Treatments

You can eat something light if you have a headache because of hunger pangs. Eat something light like crackers or a fruit. A bowl of hot soup is also a good idea to ease of hunger and get relief from a headache. You must also rest if you have a headache. A short nap can soothe frayed nerves and is one of the simplest headache natural treatments.

Exercising can bring relief from a headache too. You can try an activity like yoga with deep breathing exercises of Pranayama and meditation. Exercises like Pilates or a brisk walk can help improve blood circulation and get rid of your headache. You can even try a session of hypnosis because this form of therapy can ease away tension, improve concentration, decrease stress, and lower blood pressure.

You must also regularize your sleep habits. It is important to sleep early and try to wake up at a reasonable time. A balanced diet is also very important so that your body is well-nourished.