Hay Fever Relief Treatment | Tips And Tactics For Hay Fever Cures

By | March 15, 2010

Hay Fever Relief Tips And Tactics For Hay Fever Cures

Hay Fever can also be referred to as, seasonal allergic rhinitis, Allergic Rhinitis. Nasal allergy, Allergy, nasal allergies, Hypersensitivity can all be a compilation of these symptoms. Hay Fever usually leads to an allergy in one’s eyes and nose. Hay Fever is mostly seasonal; because the specific forms of allergens are found in the air at particular seasons. During the springtime and the fall Hay Fever is commonly seen. Onion Juice is known to be a very effective remedy in resolving these symptoms of Hay Fever.

Treating Hay Fever At Home

Onion is also identified as Bulb Onion, Garden Onion, Shallots and the Allium cepa. Hay fever can affect anyone. The symptoms of the hay fever are mainly headaches, fitful coughing and itching in various body parts including the nose, the skin, the eyes, mouth and the ear. They are often accompanied by sneezing, a sore throat, some fatigue, a runny nose and even some sleep related problems. The main cause behind hay fever is the entry of some type of allergens into the body, which then causes irritation in one’s mouth, lungs, nose, and throat. To react with these one’s body produces a certain antibody called IgE. Due to the resulting fight that happens between these allergens and those chemicals that are released by the IgE people get hay fever.

There are a large number of home remedies that help in giving relief from hay fever. Firstly, drinking of only water that has been boiled is highly recommended. Boiling the water helps in disinfecting it and making the water totally pure. People who are prone to hay fever allergies should avoid stepping out in the early hours of the morning and even late in the evening as at these times a lot of pollen is released into the air which can enter a person’s body resulting in hay fever. Avoid dairy products like sugar, flour, sugar and salt. Also staying away from drinking alcohol and smoking can help in avoiding hay fever.

Grapefruit and lemon cut and boiled in water can be drunk along with honey three times a day. This leads to a speedy recovery from hay fever. A diet rich in Vitamin C and also rich in proteins can help in building the immune system and helps the body fight any allergens. Vitamin B also helps in treating the hay fever. Hence add lots of fruits and fresh vegetables to the diet. Avoid packed and processed foods.