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By | May 21, 2010

Ear Ringing Cure

A relentless ringing in the ears is a problem that affects a surprisingly high number of people especially in old age, with the numbers being almost one in five people. The condition is medically called tinnitus. The exact mechanisms of tinnitus are quite varied and lie in some kind of traumatic injury to the ear, damage to the nerves responsible for detecting vibrations, and even neural hyperactivity. From a dietary perspective, it is known that some metabolic imbalances can cause the condition like iron deficiency, a fatty diet, and vitamin B 12 deficiency.

The ear is only matched in its complexity by the eye. The ear consists of three sections: the outer, middle and inner ear. Hearing starts with vibration shaking the tympanic membrane that is connected to the cochlea – an organ that looks like a snail. This organ is filled with fluid. When this fluid senses vibrations, it cause fine hairs inside the cochlea to oscillate and this oscillation causes neural impulses to move up the auditory nerve. In the brain, these auditory signals are then converted to sound that we can all recognize. The human ear has a specific range of hearing that is measured in the frequency of sound. This is the reason why animals with more sensitive ears are able to detect some sounds that are above or below our thresholds.

Tinnitus is caused mostly by some kind of traumatic level of sound intensity that the ear is exposed to. When we hear sounds within the audible frequency that is very loud, the subsequent vibration can be so intense that the hair in the cochlea, that is responsible for the transfer of vibration to electrical impulses, fall off. Once this happens, permanent hearing damage can occur. There are also specialized cells in the ear that do no regenerate once damaged by loud sounds. Curing this condition is quite complicated and requires the use of drugs; however, since some metabolic disturbances are implicated in the disorder, one should start by rectifying these. First comes the iron deficiency. This can be rectified by ingested a lot of spinach and onions. Since vitamin C improves the absorption capabilities of iron in the intestines, fruit juices every day are a good idea. Vitamin B12 can only be acquired from supplements or by ingesting meat, eggs, or dairy. To combat hyperlipidemia, consume less fast food and keep your diet as oil and fat free as possible.