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By | May 19, 2010

Cures for Halitosis

Halitosis is a condition in which a person tends to exhale fouls smelling breath from the mouth. It could be caused by an oral disorder, but is more likely to be caused by a disorder of the digestive system. Halitosis plays a major role in determining one’s sociability with other people and is one of the main reasons why people seek dental assistance. Most often, halitosis originates in the mouth itself, and is caused by a bacterial infection that has affected the gums and teeth. In certain cases, bacterial infections of the tongue, the nasal passages and the stomach are also responsible for the condition of bad breath. Most of the cures for halitosis are cost effective and can be undertaken in the comfort of your home. As there are various home remedies for bad breath or halitosis that are effective in getting rid of this condition.

Halitosis can be temporarily taken care of by brushing the teeth, rinsing the mouth with a medicated mouthwash and by avoiding the consumption of foods such as garlic and onion that worsen the condition. In the event that one has chronic halitosis, however, removal of the foul smelling breath is not as simple and requires medical care. People suffering from halitosis should avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, as these products intensify the odor that is passed from the mouth.

One of the most effective methods of keeping the mouth clean is by brushing your teeth regularly and by cleaning the tongue with a tongue cleaner or scraper in order to remove the bacteria that clings on to the tongue and gives rise to halitosis. It is important that the inside of the mouth be kept moist in order to control the growth of bacterial infections. Chewing gum is an effective method of ensuring that the mouth does not go dry. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also recommended because it helps to clear out infections and bacteria from the body. Eating a healthy breakfast that includes a substantial amount of roughage will help to clear the back of the tongue and keep it free from bacterial infestation. Chewing a green stick of cardamom is known to help reduce the odor of bad breath while acting as a mouth freshener. Parsley is another effective herb used to cure halitosis. When several sprigs of parsley are chopped and boiled in water, the medicinal value of the parsley is transferred to the water. Drinking this water is known to be beneficial in the removal of bad breath caused by halitosis. Most often, people use a toothpick to dig at bits of food that remain wedged between the teeth. In the event that you suffer from halitosis, it is advisable that the use of a toothpick be avoided, because it can tear the gum, which will lead to bleeding and further worsening of the condition.