Lemon – Effective Detox Diet For Better Health

By | May 15, 2009

Lemon Detox Cleansing diet

The lemon detox diet can help you lose weight by flushing out the buildup of toxins from the colon and helping the body function better. Also known as a lemon cleanser, this effective detox diet does not need expensive ingredients. You can also use a lemon diet to complement your daily diet.

The lemon detox diet works on the principle that the colon generally remains partially clogged with waste matter like remnants of food. When the colon always has excess waste matter in it, it can slow down the natural cleansing system of the body and this way, you may gain weight. Through a lemon detox diet, you can correct this imbalance.

If you want to try out the lemon detox diet, you just need to walk into your kitchen and prepare a concoction with some ingredients that are easily available. Combine cayenne pepper, maple syrup and fresh juice extracted from lemons with warm water. Alternatively, combine lime juice with honey in warm water and drink it every morning, immediately after you wake up. This helps to improve the digestion and can even flush out toxins from the body. Some people believe that one should drink about sixty ounces of lemon water. Additionally, keep drinking purified water all through the day to flush out the toxins.

Lemon Detox Diet Ingredients

The ingredients used in the lemon diet are important and play a special role. The cayenne pepper in the lemon drink is rich in nutrients that can improve the working of the heart and the nerves, and is good for digestion. This pepper can also increase the metabolism of the body, thus, hastening the process of flushing out toxins that are clogging the colon. Lime juice is rich in vitamin C and can improve the working of the bowels. Maple syrup is used because of the sweet taste that it provides to the drink. The syrup provides the body with carbohydrates that get converted into fuel for the body.

Apart from losing weight, a lemon diet can increase your energy levels, and can make your skin supple and healthy. It can add life and shine to dull hair and can make your fingernails stronger. The lemon detox diet has sour compounds in it that can purge toxins from the gallbladder and liver. To get the best results and actually exploit the benefits of this diet, it would be a good idea to take up a regular physical fitness routine as well. Moderate or light exercise, or for that matter even a ten minute walk daily should suffice.