Stay Strong, Look Great – Have Healthy Bones

By | April 6, 2009

Have Freedom From Osteoporosis And Stay Strong

Osteoporosis can be a debilitating ailment unless steps are taken to curb the disorder in time. Osteoporosis treatments currently available help to bring about much relief to patients in this modern day and age. In order to prevent osteoporosis one must take care to keep lifestyle and dietary plans under control. Diet today is one of the main culprits of osteoporosis. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and lack of vital nutrients in food all lead to decreased bone density over the years. An osteoporosis diet includes the consumption of plenty of green leafy vegetables, dairy foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Osteoporosis Symptoms And Measures For Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis does not display any kind of symptoms for a number of years, as osteoporosis does not manifest unless there is a fracture of any bones. Most osteoporosis symptoms are then related where the fractures are located. Some patients experience fractures even in the course of normal activity. It is likely that minimal damage or trauma can bring about a bone fracture among patients of osteoporosis. Some patients have also reported hip fractures when performing normal activities o a simple fall. Such fractures are difficult to heal due to the poor quality of bones in patients with osteoporosis.

Early discovery and timely treatment can considerably reduce the risk of future fracture in osteoporosis. Preventing osteoporosis is another form of osteoporosis treatment as it is difficult to cure the condition once it is detected.

Calcium and vitamins D are extremely important elements in preventing osteoporosis. Patients with the ailment benefit from taking supplemental calcium and vitamin D amongst other measures. The body’s demand for calcium and vitamin D changes with the growing age. The demand for these nutrients is the highest when the skeleton is growing in young children and adolescents. Vitamin D not only improves the health of the bones by enhancing calcium absorption, but it is also any important factor in boosting muscle strength. According to some scientists, it is safe to take up to 1,500 IU of vitamin D a day. Some doctors prescribe calcium supplements with added vitamin D as alternatives to natural sources of these elements.

Exercise too has a highly beneficial effect in osteoporosis. Osteoporosis exercise helps in reducing the risk of falls and fractures, since the balance of the patient is likely to improve while muscle strength gets better. However exercise for osteoporosis must only be done under the guidance of an expert fitness instructor who is well aware of the condition.