Treating Panic Disorder With Herbal Treatments For Panic Attacks

By | November 26, 2008

Treat Anxiety Disorders With Treatment for Panic Attacks

The exact causes of panic attacks are not very clear and hence treatment differs from individual to individual. Different types of therapy including medication and relaxation techniques greatly help in bringing about a calming effect over the mind and body. However, it is strongly recommended that panic attacks be scrutinized by medical experts in order to rule out medical conditions of the heart or nervous system. Alternative forms of therapy such as meditation and relaxation techniques help the mind and body to relax and obtain relief from stress and anxiety. Psychotherapy as a form of alternative treatment helps in minimizing the fear associated with a panic attack and in many cases has helped to clear up the panic attack disorder in patients. Experts usually treat panic attacks with reassurance and relaxation methods.

How to Deal With Anxiety Attacks?

Recent research indicates that psychotherapy is as important as medication and plays an important and integral role in controlling panic attacks. Psychotherapy will help in understanding why you suffer from anxiety and identify the emotional triggers associated with the attack. However if panic attacks are recurrent, they may require additional measures to control them. Sometimes a combination of psychotherapy with medication produces positive results for those with a history of panic attacks. It is important to visit a doctor if you have a history of panic attacks, as home care or home treatment is not ideally recommended to treat the condition.

In order to control panic disorders and make the treatment more effective, one should stay away from certain triggers such as caffeinated drinks, alcoholic beverages, drugs etc. Light forms of aerobic exercises and stress management techniques such as yoga and deep breathing are highly beneficial in decreasing the frequency and severity of a panic attack disorder.

In some cases panic attacks are usually associated with depression while in other cases alcohol and drug abuse are likely causes. In such cases, the emotional problems are usually dealt with in order to root out a panic disorder attack. It is important to take panic attacks seriously and get the condition treated promptly to avoid a worsening of the condition.

If you are aware of certain stimuli that cause panic attacks, it is best to avoid such triggers or stimuli with the help of behavioral therapy. As part of the treatment for panic attacks, behavioral therapy goes hand in hand with psychotherapy in order to treat the condition and cure it.