Crash Diet For Hair Loss And Diet To Prevent Hair Loss

By | February 19, 2009

Hair Loss Diet And Diet For Hair Loss Prevention

What is the best prevention for hair loss and how to achieve hair growth with healthy diet?

Diet is certainly a factor in the growth and health of your hair, but if you are losing a lot of hair, your diet alone cannot stop the hair loss or cause your hair to grow again. Balding is caused by several factors, and in many cases the primary causes are genetic and therefore beyond our control. It is also possible to lose hair because of a fungal infection of the scalp, or because of some underlying health problem such as hyperthyroidism. Therefore, if you are suffering from any other unexplained symptoms, you should consult a doctor and find out whether they are connected to the hair loss.

Healthy Hair Loss Diet

In the meanwhile, a healthy diet will ensure that you do not lose any more hair than you need to. A healthy diet is simply one that contains all the necessary nutrients in the right balance. Your body needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats too, in order to be healthy, and so does your hair. Fats are available from a wide variety of foods, and therefore no special effort needs to be made to get one’s intake of fats. It is only when people go on crash diets that there is a chance of the fat intake being insufficient. Ensure that you do not do this, as fats are necessary for many body functions, including the absorption of some minerals and vitamins.

Proteins are most abundant in animal products, but they can also be obtained from plant sources such as legumes. Dairy products are also rich in protein. However, in the case of meat and dairy products, you need to ensure that the fat content is not too high. Low fat dairy products are easily available, and if you eat meat you should choose fish or white meat over red meat. If you’re eating red meat, ensure that it is lean. As for carbohydrates, the best sources are fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods such as cereals and whole wheat bread.

As far as vitamins and minerals go, hair growth is affected by almost all of the vitamins, and many of the minerals. Variety is therefore very important in your diet, to ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Including all the foods mentioned above should be enough to ensure that this is done. Do not take supplements unless you are aware that you have a specific deficiency, and your doctor recommends taking them.