Causes And Diet For Abdominal Pain

By | March 3, 2009

Diet For Abdomen And Medications For Abdominal Pain

I have pain from last 10 year in my abdomen and uric acid trouble is in my knowledge since last 3 years. I am now not consuming any alcohol or non-veg from about 1.5 year.  Kindly inform me about the diet which I can consume.

Abdominal pain is the pain that is felt in the abdomen. Abdominal pain can arise due to many reasons. You may feel the pain due to an inflammation such as appendicitis. Pain can also be felt due to the stretching of an organ or an obstruction in the intestine.

Pain in abdomen may also arise due to loss of blood supply to an organ. If pain is being felt in the stomach for the last ten years, it is recommended that you get a complete medical check-up to first investigate the causes of the abdominal pain. The recovery and dietary plan should be made afterwards, depending upon the symptoms revealed.

Uric acid is a waste product present in the blood. It is formed due to the breakup of cells by the food that we eat. Another factor that releases uric acid is the breakdown of purines. Purines are present in human body tissues and in foods such as beans, peas, and alcoholic drinks. Uric acid is normally excreted from the body via urine and stool.

When the kidneys fail to purify blood properly, the uric acid remains in the blood and causes gout or kidney stones. A laboratory urine test is taken to determine the level of uric acid in the urine.

Foods To Avoid For Abdominal Pain

Normally, the level of uric acid in the body is increased by the consumption of food items that are rich in purines. This high level of uric acid causes diseases such as gout. Gout is a painful disease that occurs more commonly in men, though women can also be affected by it. Gout is caused by high level of uric acid in your blood.

The level of uric acid can be lowered in the body by the intake of diets that reduce or limit the uric acid. It is generally recommended to avoid edibles that are rich in purines. Where these food items help in treating uric acid patients, they also serve in reducing the body weight.

Bacon is very high in purine and should be avoided at all costs. Animal meat such as pork and beef are high in uric acids and other compounds that react in the body to produce uric acid. The intake of poultry, ham and white meat has small amounts of purine and may be consumed occasionally.

Alcohol should be avoided by gout patients. Alcohols such as beer and wine increase the uric acid levels in the body. Alcohol also prevents the uric acid waste from being discharged from the body in the form of urine.

Foods to be consumed by Uric Acid Patients:

Edibles such as black berry juice, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries help to relieve the symptoms of uric acid patients. Bromelain is also effective remedies for reducing uric acid. In addition to this, drink a lot of water. Celery seed benefits are used  to get rid of toxins from the system. They are particularly effective in treating arthritis and gout, especially when uric acids accumulate in the joints.

This will help control the uric acid level in the body. Caffeinated drinks should be avoided. Increase the consumption of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products as these are helpful in treating uric acid patients.