Fish for Gout and Gout Food Treatment

By | November 10, 2008

Nutrition for Gout and Gout Foods you can Eat

Purines are substances present naturally in our body and also in certain foods. Uric acid is formed from the breakdown of purines in the body. Gout is usually the result of high uric acid in the body. Small amounts of purines are present in all the fishes, meats and poultry. But certain fish have high purine levels; for example, fish like herring, anchovies, roes, sardines and mackerel. So these fish should be included in restricted amounts, besides these you can include other fish in your diet. Fish also provides omega 3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. So a serving of fish eaten twice a week can help to relive the joint pain caused due to high uric acid levels. Besides fish and other gout medications prescribed by your specialist try the following dietary tips to improve your gout symptoms.

Diet for Gout Sufferers and Nutrition for Diet

Avoid other purine rich foods that include any alcoholic beverages, beer, yeast, organ meats (liver, brain, kidney and sweetbreads), poultry, other meats, legumes (especially lentils and green peas), spinach, meat extracts, meat gravies (as gravies containing meat pieces are also high in purines), consommé, mushrooms, cauliflower and asparagus.

Drink a lot of fluids in the form of boiled water, barley water, fresh fruit juices, fresh vegetable juices, sugarcane juice, and coconut water. Excess fluids in the body will encourage increased urine output and in turn help to eliminate toxins and uric acid from your system.

Certain foods that can be beneficial for gout include dark berries, tofu, olive oil, flaxseeds, nuts and salmon. These foods provide omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties that can help in gout.

Lose weight if you are above your ideal body weight. However make weight loss a gradual and healthy process with a balance of both diet and exercise. Avoid going on any fad diets or starving yourself as this can cause protein breakdown in your body (for energy) and can in fact increase your uric acid levels and make matters worst.

Focus on eating a healthy well balanced diet comprising of whole cereals and grains along with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your protein intake should be low and good quality proteins like low fat milk and milk products and egg whites can be emphasized. Quality of fats is important along with quantity. Avoid foods high in trans fats, saturated fats and cholesterol, as this will not only help in the case of gout but also promote good health.

Increase your physical activity in simple ways. Avoid sitting at one place for long hours. Keep moving at home or at work to keep your joints moving. Before starting any exercise consult your specialist.