Breakfast Meals | Dieting Tips For Healthy Breakfast

By | July 31, 2009

Quick And Easy Diet Tips For Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one should never skip breakfast. This is because it breaks your night long fast and provides your body with the fuel you require to start your day. Also, it curbs untimely food cravings. It is scientifically proven that a healthy breakfast is the foundation of a healthy day and helps to minimize untimely and unhealthy eating patterns.

Diet Tips And Importance Of Breakfast

The importance of breakfast can be highlighted by the following facts:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast increases your attention span and comprehension skills, thereby increasing your productivity for the entire day.
  • The rationale behind advocating a healthy meal for breakfast is that the body is able to metabolize food better in morning when you have just started your day long activities. As such, the ingested calories are utilized efficiently.
  • In contrast, physical activity is comparatively lesser after lunch and dinner, which hinders efficient metabolism, ultimately leading to accumulation of fats in body.
  • A wholesome, but healthy breakfast prevents you from over eating food at other times of the day.
  • A healthy breakfast is instrumental in stimulating your blood sugar levels, which has a direct and favorable impact on your weight.
  • As such, it is vital to eat healthy foods for breakfast. Ideally you should eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up. Eat a heavy breakfast, and then subsequent meals, that is your lunch and dinner, must be lighter.
  • A proper breakfast not only gives you power to sustain your energy levels throughout the day, but also helps to reduce your weight.

The essential ingredients of a proper breakfast meal are:

  • Breakfast must not contain more than one item from fats, oils, and sweets. This group includes maple syrup, doughnuts, and similar foods. You must restrict the choice of these foods in your breakfast.
  • You must have at least one selection from healthy food groups including diary, lean meat, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Your breakfast diet must include high fiber foods like cereals, nuts, and whole grain bread.
  • You must reduce the fat content of your breakfast diet. For example, you may replace whole milk with skim milk, or you may choose fat free cheese in place of regular cheese.
  • The must-have foods for a wholesome and healthy breakfast are foods like milk, cereals, fruits, salad, and eggs. Also, as breakfast is essential for a healthful day, you must take time to prepare and consume your breakfast keeping in mind the above mentioned tips and food suggestions.