Diet For Fair Complexion And Effective Acne Treatment

By | December 12, 2008

Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment And Solutions For Acne

I am 16 year boy 168cm 70kg. I want 2 become tall (185cm) and want fair complexion and clear acne. Please suggest diet & home remedies yoga

Height is hereditary and is determined by the genes. Growth is possible till twenties, and is too early to worry about. A good lifestyle with a balanced diet proves beneficial in keeping one healthy. A healthy body not only helps in healthy growth, but also keeps the skin free of acne, pimples and any other skin problem. Certain lotions and height gain pills are commercially available, but fail to prove effective, in many. Forward bend and side bend exercises are helpful to a great extent.

Acne is a skin condition, which appears in various forms, such as blackheads, white heads, pimples and papules. Nodules and cysts occur in severe forms of acne, and result in scarring. Topical application of tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for acne, owing to its anti bacterial function. Terpinen-4-ol is a chemical constituent of tea tree oil, which clears acne. Application of lemon juice and honey also proves effective for a clear complexion. Cucumber juice with honey can also be applied on the face. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. Cold yogurt can be applied on the face for acne clearance. Gram flour with turmeric should also be applied on the face. Allow it to dry and scrub it off. Lime has a bleaching action and can also be used of a fair complexion. Almond oil with honey can also be applied on the face at night. Wash with cold water in the morning. Fried and fatty foods are not recommended for acne sufferers. Avoid junk foods, such as pizzas, burgers, and potato crisps, among others.

Fair complexion is determined by your genes. Improvement in complexion can be brought about by the application of a protein mask. Soak four almonds overnight in milk and make a paste. Apply this on the neck and face in the morning. Wash with lukewarm water. Another alternative is a paste, made with honey, milk, papaya and milk powder. This improves the color of the complexion. Egg white is equally effective for a clear and fair complexion.

Home Remedies For Increasing Height

Yoga rejuvenates the body and keeps the face clean, as it helps to cure acne. It provides relief from constipation and helps in digestion. It also rejuvenates the body by detoxification. It helps in improving the complexion and results in glowing skin. Yoga helps in the union of the mind and the body. It purifies the body, both internally and externally. Head down pose or sirshasana improves the glow of the skin, by improving circulation. Deep breathing exercises or pranayamas aid in the elimination of toxins. Shavasana or corpse pose also helps in relief from facial fatigue.

Clear Complexion

The right combination of healthy foods and exercise can help you get a clear complexion. Dermatologists and health experts will often recommend nutritious foods as part of a diet for a clear complexion. Load up on olive oil, veggies, fruits, and fish to keep your skin healthy and blemish free. Here are some tips for a clear complexion, but keep in mind that you won’t get clear complexion overnight, and you will have to make diet and lifestyle changes to make your skin healthy.

Diet for clear complexion: Here are foods that can be part of a diet chart for people with dark or fair complexion. The foods are known to nourish your skin and give you that healthy glow that you have been craving for. But you have to remember that there is nothing called a diet chart for fair skin or a fair complexion diet. A healthy skin diet is more about getting healthy skin, and works for people with fair and dark skin tones. 

Dark leafy greens: If you have acne or skin eruptions then don’t forget to add green leafy vegetables in your diet. Packed with antioxidants, these are also rich in vitamin C and iron. Greens also have zinc in them and help in the formation of new collagen.

Vegetable oil: Contrary to what many people think, some amount of oil and essential fats are important for our body. Health experts often advise women with flaky and dry skin to add good fats like olive oil, mustard oil, peanut oil, and sesame oil to their diets. Even a spoonful of oil every day can do wonders for dry skin.

Water: You’ll probably find this piece of advice in most health articles that you read. Drinking enough water – about eight to ten glasses every day can keep your body hydrated and your skin moist and supple. If your skin is hydrated, then it will look plump and glowing. Also, drink fresh juices and soups to add to your fluid intake.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are often known as ‘skin-sensational’ foods. High in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, tomatoes are rich in chemicals that combat skin cancer. The vitamins also keep the skin elastic, prevent bruising, and heal acne. You must also load up on yellow, orange, and dark red vegetables and fruits as these are rich in antioxidants.

Berries: These will keep wrinkles at bay naturally. Berries like Gooseberries, strawberries, and blueberries are rich in vitamin C, which helps in reconstructing the collagen and keeping the skin firm.  

Sardines: Sardine is a fatty fish that is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can do wonders for your skin. They treat dry skin and can combat zits, and generally keep your skin healthy by fighting free radicals that damage collagen and keep the skin smooth and glowing. Health experts often recommend including fish in your diet about thrice a week. Do speak to a dermatologist before you do so. A fish-oil supplement is recommended to those who do not like seafood. Nuts and fatty fish have zinc that can stimulate the growth of cells and decrease flare-up of acne.

Melon: Load up on these colorful fruits that are packed with carotene compounds like lycopene which cuts down collagen damage. People with dull skin are often asked to eat musk melon. Melons are also known to prevent keratonic plugs that cause rough patches on arms. 

Carrots: Apart from carrots, you should also load up on other orange vegetables and fruits like papaya, mango, apricots, sweet potato, and pumpkin for the beta-carotene that can keep dry skin at bay.

Oatmeal: This cereal is rich in vitamin B, which helps in skin cell generation and can flush out toxins from the body. So add some oatmeal in soups and lentils or mix some in milk and have it as porridge for better skin.

The above-mentioned foods are great for healthy skin, but as mentioned before; don’t think that this is a diet for fair skin. Whether you’re dark or brown, take pride in your complexion and just make sure that your skin is healthy, acne-free and glowing. So instead of craving for a fair skin diet or a diet to get fair skin, focus on foods that will nourish your body and add that glow to your skin. Eating smart will prevent acne and dryness and can reduce the severity and occurrence of wrinkles. Limit your intake of foods that contain sugar and saturated fats.

You may also want to avoid alcohol and cigarettes as these don’t do anything for your health or skin. Junk food is another thing that needs to be eliminated from your diet plan. This does not mean that you can’t have the occasional slice of pizza or burger, but don’t make eating junk foods a habit.

You also need to exercise regularly to remain healthy. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, a sport, or yoga can do wonders for your overall health as well as your skin. Again, if you think that exercise or yoga is for fair skin or there are particular exercises in yoga for fair skin, then you’re wrong. Yoga as well as other exercises will keep you fit, flush out the toxins, and keep your skin glowing.

Other tips for a clear complexion:

Follow a regular schedule for your morning ablutions as constipation can often lead to acne and other skin eruptions. If you suffer from constipation, try drinking a mixture of lemon juice and honey in warm water every day, as soon as you wake up. 

Chart out a routine and try to follow it. Going to bed early and waking up fresh, early in the morning; starting the day with some stretching exercises; a quick nap in the afternoon; and a sport or exercise in the evening are some of the other habits that will keep you fit and fresh and will provide you with a healthy and glowing complexion.

Cut down on caffeine and carbonated beverages, and indulge in healthy snacking. A fistful of nuts or a few slices of fruits or salad sticks is better than chips and fried junk food.  And remember, keep stress at bay!