Complete Scarsdale Diet Plan And Weight Loss

By | June 3, 2009

Easy And Effective Scarsdale Diet Plan

Can you explain everything about complete scarsdale diet? How effective is it in the treatment of various ailments?

The Scarsdale diet is a quick weight loss program that was devised in the early eighties by the physicians Herman Tarnower and Samm Sinclair Baker. The diet regime is touted as being able to allow users to lose almost 20 lbs or 10 kilograms of weight a week. Critics however have raised objections saying that the diet plan is not nutritious, the results are mostly from the loss of water, and the diet is so restrictive that it cannot be sustained.

Scarsdale Low Carb Diet

The diet regime aims to cut out carbohydrates from the diet and the emphasis is on a high protein intake that consists of meat. However at a measured energy value of 700 calories the diet is so energy-deprived that it is said that people who follow the diet cannot even take a brisk walk when on it – another stinging criticism of the diet. The diet begins with a fruit for breakfast every day and a slice of protein bread. The lunch pattern for the first day consists of cold cuts and tomatoes and dinner consists of fish, salad, and bread. Lunch on day two moves on to: fruit salad only and dinner of a hamburger, vegetables like tomatoes, celery, four olives, sprouts, and cucumbers.

Lunch on day three consists of fish that has not been prepared in an oily medium. Dinner is a bit more lavish than the previous days with substitution of the hamburger with meat like lamb but with all the fat removed. Lunch on day four is a very high protein fix with two eggs and cottage cheese, zucchini or tomatoes. Dinner on that day involves Chicken (again, not made in an oily medium), spinach, green peppers, and string beans. Lunch on day five consists of low fat cheese slices (which is a welcome addition for most users), spinach and protein bread. Dinner resembles the dinner from day one. Lunch on day six consists of only fruit salad but with a gratifying dinner of roast chicken or turkey and salad of grapefruit, lettuce and tomatoes. Day seven consists of a lunch with some left over chicken from the previous night along with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and some kind of fruit. Dinner is again quite interesting on this day with steak with all the fat removed, Brussels sprouts and a lettuce, cucumber, celery and tomato salad.

In between these meals, only non-sugar drinks are allowed and sugar use has to be substituted for the use of artificial sweetener